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Joshua Slocum

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that's a quality CV, has no one outed him for the walt he so obviously is
I am surprised that none of you lot are selling ready made CVs on Ebay
along with badges and pictures ( with eyes gaffered over)
you could make a mint
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I have a set of that in my garage. Wow will be selling that on the eBay or give it to my FTRS all the gear no idea Sgt
Well that's great, my former service makes this definitely an SAS, SBS special forces Seal metal old helmet. Nice to know! LOL
The guy selling this is called Igor and he's a robotics engineer and used to work for Nasa - so the mechanics are sorted.His social media sites bring up some amazing looking women friends.Yoga instructors,sex therapists,models......
Hi Guys,

What do you make of these, apparently they are current issue, my lad bought a set for airsoft and he can't use them as they just fog up within a couple of minutes, there is np makers logo or NSN number etc, so I think they are trying to BS people, I am open to suggestions (ha ha I know what's coming now ;) sensible ones please) as it was his hard earned cash (His dads too tight)


NEW Bolle British Army Current Issue Mk 7 Tactical Commander Ballistic Goggles
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