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Not sure if this will show up in the near future as the item will soon end. Read through all the questions and answers. Most amusing.

(I have the Q &As saved if anyone can't see them through the above link).


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Q: Hi, what colour is the bike?

A: Excellent question ! The bike is actually invisible, so it doesn't really have a 'colour' as such. The photos are simply an artist's impression of what I think it might look like, if it was parked outside my garage. It's definitely there though 'cos I keep tripping over it !
Q: my Canadian friend is interested in this, she wants something to ride when she comes to england, can you deliver to canada? shes an oap as well so will need help getting on and off the bike, is that ok? catch you lader
A: Sorry, I don't speak Canadian, can you ask the question again in English ?

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Where did you find that Flashy!?
and still selling for 650 quid +. Good going :D

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