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today i recieved the complete series 1+2 of soldier soldier for a grand total of...............£3 and it arrived straight away. but i was just interseted in finding out what you thought of ebay eg. horror stories, gripes, good feed back, great buys, cause hearing what some of the papers have said about fraud, deception, general criminal stuff just wondered if anyone here had become a victim and would like to warn others.
The bigger they get, the more people buying and selling, therefore volume of income, the higher they raise the fees. Makes sense for them business wise, but does nothing for the seller on eBay! (they just announced another increase)
They have fewer "free listing" days as well. Mostly a very few "special low fee" listing days instead.

But just try to get anyone to use another auction site in any serious way!
Have bought a lot of stuff off eBay from printers to RAM and Books to DVDs and SIM free mobile phones.

Only ever had one problem and it turned out that the item was damaged in transit - the seller gave me a refund straight away - no questions asked.

There is usually buyer protection for a lot of the items on sale but to be doubly sure always use your Creditcard, if you have one, not a Debit card, as your Creditcard company will also have some sort of portection or insurance, in place, as well.

Plenty of bargains to be had out there but really it boils down to common sense - if in doubt - DON'T BUY!!!!
You role the dice and yer takes yer chances.
Have bought a computer(this one) and some other stuff. and have had no probs (touch wood).
If it seems to good to be true, it usually is.

Just bought a Ford Escort rear bumper, sprayed and delivered for 128 quid on ebay. It would have cost me closer to 250 from Ford, without fitting.

There are some really good bargains out there, especially for computer stuff. Do a bit of research for what you want on the internet and note the commercial prices, then have a sift through the but it now's for ease or the auctions to take your chances. And sign up for a paypal account, most ebayers take paypal and you have all the credit card protections in place.

I've been using e-bay now for about 6 months and spent in excess of 2k on various antiques. At this point I have had no problems except in the begining my Pay Pal account wasn't working well and took ages. Now it is fine and I buy someting at least every week. Just started selling also, on my third item so far and don't seem to have any problems there either.

D.D :twisted:
I have been buying and selling on ebay for quite a while. I have only had one problem. I paid for something but it never arrived.

I lodged a complaint with the conflict resolution service and after a couple of weeks, the seller was found to be at fault and i got my money back.

Other than that no problems and i have bought quite a few bargains.

Happy with that!
just sold an item and on my ebay it says that i have not recieved payment but on my paypal account it says i have so i'am transfering the funds to my current account but that will take 5-7 days to appear do i wait to send or trust my paypal account? and whats this with paying a fee on ebay and then another on paypal then again when i transfer the funds into my account! :x
I've had remarkably few problems, only one item I've purchased was significantly "late" and it was at that point that I worked out buyer protection is very scant on low value items. Almost non-existant in fact. That was evetually resolved and I'm prepared to accept that the seller had problems with the Post Office twice (I'm a forgiving type and he did send be a freebie as well). Never left me any feedback though....

On the other side I bought an item on Christmas Day using "Buy it Now" (The telly was crap, okay?) and it arrived the following Thursday. Quite remarkable as I payed by cheque (card maxed out) and didn't post it until the Fourth of January.

If I had to give one piece of advice about buying, it's examine feedback. Not just look at the numbers or percentages, read it and make a judgement. The one thing I run from is anyone who upon a negative or neutral comments something along the lines of "Look at the rest of my feedback". the reaction to one problem, which may or may not be the sellers fault says more than a thousand positives.


I have bought things without a problem, but like any auction its pays to know exactly what you are after and what is a decent price. Have also sold some stuff that otherwise would have gone in the skip for decent money - e.g. a broken handheld computer - or things that are useful but just hard to shift - like the continental headlights for the car after a Germany tour.


As already posted, you role the dice and take your chance! Make sure the seller has 100+ positive feedback, depending on cost. The higher the cost the more feedback I like to see. Same as avoiding low feedback buyers- had a nightmare with a blkoe in Ireland over a £5 DPM helmet cover!

I've got plenty of bargins off eBay, recommended if used correctly! i.e. dont send £2000 to USA for a laptop you might never receive- like the wingeing conker on BBC's watchdog!
One bad experience paid £250 for a weekend break, tickets never turned up, did'nt use PayPal so my fault.

One good experience bought mess kit for £47 turned up befor the cheque had cleared, excellent
guys, you should be aware of a paypal scam being used.

In a nutshell, it works something like, you sell an item, the buyer then pays with paypal, you send the item, then the buyer sticks in a claim to paypal for non-delivery, paypal then seem to reimburse the buyer and he receives what he paid for anyway (the buyer doesn't want tracking, insurance or the like).

I don't use e-ban that much as the w**kers don't allow the sale of German medals and documents.
Unless a very low value item I don't give the option on postage.
There must be a signature at the other end, method is up to the buyer. Don't like it, don't bid.
Musso has been on ebay for 2 years. I have both sold and bought tons of stuff, mostly toys and militaria. The only problem seems to be that all the world and his mate have now discovered it. I am sick to death of none paying tossers who send barely literate emails, without capital letters or punctuation replete with phone text slang, saying that they sent cash in the post and "where is mi goodz" ( sic ) It used to be fun. Now its a bloody pain, and the fees keep going up like some of the others have said already.

A mate of mine sold a three story fire escape. That must surely be the largest item ever, and no they didn't post it via Parcelfarce, they came and collected it with a lorry.
Biscuits_Brown said:
Unless a very low value item I don't give the option on postage.
There must be a signature at the other end, method is up to the buyer. Don't like it, don't bid.
Exactly my stance.

Everything I send out over a fiver gets some form of tracking, with a physical signature for it at the other end.

Ive never had bad feedback, and never had the reason to give it either. I always make a point of emailing with a phone number if Im going to be away unexpectedly at the auction end (usually job related reasons for being away and i'll get 24 hrs notice... 5 mins on the net out of that time isnt too much to ask) that way the person either buying or selling is fully aware of the situation prior to it getting to the anally retentive stage of leaving bad feedback.

Has worked so far
Saw a pair of binos on ebay and the user name looked quite familiar, the upshot was an ex member of staff (gave him the job because he was with my old reg) has now been given a police caution and I now have back a pair of Swarovski binos that I can now sell in the shop again for £899.
The pillock used part of his old uit title and number as an ebay user name, the odd think is that he left my employ over three years ago and how the hell did I spot them on ebay with all the million + bits of kit on there?
Thank you God!

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