Ebay Gimp Outed

I recently sold some S10`s on ebay , most customers are walts/airsofters but one never paid for 10 days and ignored my emails for payment so I Googled his address and found he has a modelling agency so I emailed the address`s on his work site , his response made me laugh, `kin gimp.
his email is sexjock@xxxxxxx.com !

"Hello is this xxxx?
I don't knoe what happened when I purchased this order and why it wasn't paid for
but I will certainly pay for it now but was it really necesary to send an email to
my work place (the communal email where everyone can see it's contents) and not
contact me personally? I am not happy about this at all.

- devon3279"

Why didn't you just IM Prince Albert on ARRSE???Classic though hope his work buddies saw it...suppose his excuse was it was when hes fumigating the toilets.
His work buddies have definatley seen it and he would not care about that unless he was a closet gimp , Ive been paid for the S10 now , if I get negative feedback I`ll ask the Arrse comunity for suggestions on emails to send his work colleagues .
Classic. Only one of a stirling militarybackground would reach such heights of fucking another human over so brilliantly. I like this alot.
I've just listed an FM12 today so I'll watch out for his username when the bids start ;)
damm went on to be a cunt and couldnt figure out which was your listing. other wise you would have got some really fucking odd questions being asked.
Just have to keep watching then.........
Well if he does leave a negative response you can always email him at work and ask if he is still interested in the Sybian saddle.
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