Ebay bo**ocks

and you for thinking of that reply
and me for this one.
South Australia Scottish Regiment?
State Authorised Slaughter Regiment ?
Sweet and Sour Rgt... those walts will buy anything

Spring clean time.... time to get rid of that old junk on ebay.

All you have to do is post as the item being ex reg't clobber. Time for a ARRSE comp... who can post the most bone ex sas item. :?

Would need a seperate thread as the slagging would be too much I fear. :D
Short Arrsed Soldiers

Wouldn't be an Aussie item would it?

That's what they call "The Gerbils"
Don't laugh about ebay, I have sold all manner of surplus junk on ebay.

But I have to admit that there are a number of ‘Reputable’ traders, who rip people off on ebay say it is gen kit.

As they say a fool & his money are easily parted
So how much did it go for?

Walts - gotta love 'em
Anyone fancy an "SAS Survuval Issue Mars Bar" as used behind the lines in Iraq?

...oh, b0ll0cks! Bloody eBay have suspended me! Just because I was offering the above item? I really wanted to see just who woud bid for a ordinary mars bar, that I'd knocked around a bit, just because I claimed it was used as a survival aid behind the lines in Iraq. No sense of humour...
At the moment it seems to be loads of kit that have wings and DZ flashes sewn on, with the comment "Worn in Iraq"

Maybe I should have save a couple pair of my issue socks and put them on!
mw14 I think you'll find eBay suspended you because you clearly weren't selling the genuine article. The SAS issue Mars bar comes in a IRR ripstop wrapper with the logo written in Arabic. These are now very rare as it was discovered the ripstop properties of the wrapper made them very hard to open. 8O
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I wonder if the bloke who bought the SAS Regiment name tags would be interested in some others?......

Mitty, W
I'll dig out my genuine sas issue umbrella and wellyboots. Maybe I can part with the sbs armbands and rubber ring as well.

btw, nice one mw14

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