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I won an item at £10 with £3.50 P&P clearly displayed. Now on the 'Pay' page theres "Sellers discounts or charges: £13.50" - how do i preserve my 100% positive and not pay this dirty bastar.d...........
email your seller and try to resolve it, otherwise complain to ebay direct! They will ensure the sale is void!
I've emailed the seller, obviosuly i wont do anything until they respond - hopefully telling me they have made a horrible mistake!
lol cheers sparky, i'll try that :D

No the he's added £13.50 as a 'charge' so i'm expected to pay for the item £10 + £3.50 p&p + £13.50 charge...... :evil:
I had a similar problem. Mail ebay, they will ask if you have contacted the seller, when you tell them yes & with no reply they will take over
:D manchestercop, I personally use eBay three to four times per month. Guaranteed there will be some clown that will try to 'bump' the price of goods up by excessive postal/handling/packaging charges.

I always respond with an email to the seller followed by a complaint to eBay regarding the charges. In most cases this will suffice to deter rogue sellers screwing you out of more cash. :x

Hope you get this problem sorted out, eBay has saved me a ton of money over the last 18 months. Still have to be careful, however on the whole a good shopping resource. :p

fastmedic 8)
Did he say that further down in the description as some of the sellers from Hong Kong do, they will say the postage etc is one price then insist that you have to take out the insurance, so that the price is bumped up.

No definitely not, I checked the listing to make sure I had grounds to kick off. The charge only appears on the 'Pay' screen.
You can report the seller for non-performance: NPS

As the charges that have been added are against Ebay's rules, you aren't obliged to complete the transaction. Unfortunately, however, this doesn't mean that he can't neg you, and unless the feedback breaks the rules Ebay won't remove (but see below). All you can do is neg him back, and put a factual response to his feedback e.g. added extra charges at auction end, so transaction not completed - or suchlike. Most people don't take much notice of 1 neg.

The one way you can get any negative feedback removed is by getting a solicitor to write to Ebay asking for it to be taken off. They always comply. If you know one who'll do it free....

If the seller offers PayPal, report him to them as well.
It may also be worth checking that his contact details are genuine and provided in full - if not, and you report him, Ebay will definately bin his account.
Before we jump on this guy it could be sheer stupidity

I won an item once that was PayPal only,no probs except this idiot didn't have a paypal account, the chasing I had to do before this numpty replied, didn't even know where to check that his item had sold.

One thing to do is check this guys rating out and how many thing he had actually sold
I paid last night as soon as the auction was won, £13.50. Today I had an email saying the payment, via paypal, had been refused. I checked the listing, click Pay again - now it was £27! I'm hoping they've assumed they need to enter the total onto the invoice so they've added £13.50 but have unwittingly doubled my bill. Still no response.
Right, just used BFG's tip of changing the charge amount... to £0 :D. Paid £13.50 via paypal and this time it's gone straight through.
All's well that ends well and you didn't even need to goto his house and threaten him with your gun, ' not saying you would have done that of course'

lol well sparky you never know.

It's a waiting game now, does anyone know if he can still refuse a completed PayPal payment?? If they kick off and ask for £13.50 more have they really got a leg to stand on?
I won an iPOD last week from a user with 500+ feedback. The thing still hadn't been delivered by Saturday gone, so I went on eBay to send him an email requesting it's whereabouts, and sure enough, he's no longer a registered user! I requested his details via eBay (the one that contains his name, address and phone number) and it comes back with just his name, initial, surname and the Nottingham telephone area code! So I went via an Electoral Roll search database, found his house address, looked on BT Directory Enquires and found his phone number. One phone call later threatening coppers, county court, me banging on his door, etc, and he's refunding me! The power of the internet, and sod eBay and it's procedures!!
manchestercop said:
lol well sparky you never know.

It's a waiting came now, does anyone know if he can still refuse a completed PayPal payment?? If they kick off and ask for £13.50 more have they really got a leg to stand on?
A seller can refuse a payment, by simply refunding it, which incurs no fees. Sometimes PayPal itself will bounce a payment, for example if there is a problem with the acount, or if the buyer tries to pay with a credit card but the seller doesn't accept card payments (but this should change soon so that they can't pick and choose). They can't legitimately ask for more for the reasons given elsewhere.
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