Eating healthy in the cookhouse???

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Tweety, Oct 16, 2005.

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  1. Has anyone got any ideas how to get healthy by eating in the cookhouse, it seems near impossible as everything is fried to death? i don't have any cooking facillities so im pretty much stuck with it, to get your 5 portions or fruit and veg a day is impossible. Does anyone have the same problem? :lol:
  2. Where are you based? Cookhouses will vary considerably from one place to the next and, nine times out of ten, it all depends on the quality of the chefs. I think it's pertinent to note that I'm not at all slating chefs with this message (you never want to annoy your chef) but I think it's a valid point:

    The food that is served up in a cookhouse is the same food across the country as it all gets supplied from that funny company with the numbers. The shame is that the chefs, and granted they do have a lot of people to cater for, destroy it by deep fat frying everything, buring other bits, undercooking potatoes and generally not being very creative. The quality of the food is actually very good and it would be excellent if the chefs used their skills a little more and produced some good, honest and healthy grub once in a while.

    If you're not happy with the food in your cookhouse you should report it to the Orderly Officer (she/he should visit the cookhouse daily) and ensure that it is followed up. The chain of command takes a good interest in the food because, as said a long time ago, "an Army marches on its stomach". Morale is a very important factor to Army life and food is a very important factor to morale so make sure you don't let it go by the way-side, report bad food to the chain of command.

    Phew - all done now....:D
  3. We just cook what we're told to cook, I appreciate everyone wants nice food, but we're given (atleast where I work) a maximum time of 10 minutes before food has to be sent down.

    You'll find that most things where ever you eat are either microwaved or deep fat fried. I think it's wrong, but like I say I'm told what to do.
  4. In our cookhouse..... sorry Regimental Restaurant, they put these silly red, green and amber 'smiley faces' over the hotplate to show you how healthy an option is, which is a good idea. But all pretty pointless in the big scheme of things when all the main options have the red not so smiley face. So you either don't have a main option and pile your plate up with veg (sorry, the options of veg that isn't fried cabbage and has a red smiley!) or eat a less than healthy option. I can also see when pay as you dine comes in that the first of those two choices will be out the window, as you'll have to pay for several protions of veg just to fill your plate.

    Don't get me wrong. I know that the cooks do the best they can with the kit provided, but what is the point of showing us exactly how unhealthy the 'choices' that we have are?
  5. Eat healthy in the cookhouse? Try a packed out for the Master Gyppo though as he will no doubt attempt to pour lard on your lettuce bap.
  6. The only truly healthy way is to not eat in the cookhouse.
  7. In ours they have crucifixes so the Jocks can identify the deep fat fryer!

    Chuck iz in anither pizza pahl!
  8. They need to bring cnut-lips Oliver in to change things like he did with the primary schools.

    Incedentaly, does anyone know what the daily food budget per person is?
  9. IIRC Something like £1.82 a day over here (you should be able to work this out from what you pay for food surely?), rising to approx £4.50 a day on ops but bear in mind that includes the cost of transporting the food you eat from Germany/UK to theatre.