Eathquake in Britain?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Romeo_47, Dec 26, 2006.

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  1. Earthquake This may sound weird but an earthquake hit a part of Scotland. It was only a small thing.
  2. So, not many dead then?

  3. not weird at all - 2 main fault lines run through Scotland - the Highland Boundary Fault and the Southern Upland Fault.

    The whole of the scottish central lowlands are a 'rift valley' between those two fault lines.

    The areas along both faults have quite regular tremors but they are normally so weak and or deep that people/buildings are not effected, but every so often they are drawn to our attention by a bored media on slow news days.
  4. Never knew that! I learnt something new this night.
  5. i remember a earthquake that woke me up a few years back... and im all the way down in hertfordshire...
  6. You can see how many earthquakes occur each day on this site:

    The minor tremor in Scotland pales into insignificance when you have a look at the Pacific rim.
  7. Yes - I spent a few years over in the Seattle (Pac North West) area, on the edge of the Pacific Rim/Ring of Fire. And about 6 years ago they had a decent quake - think it was about 6.5 - and it was a very unnerving experience.

    My colleagues and other locals had all been brought up with Earthquake drills - which I had not ever even thought about. I seem to remember standing there grinning like a drunk Cheshire cat as the floor quivered and walls shook, while everyone else got under desks and into doorways....

    A few elevated roadss had problems and a couple of the older, dilapidated Seattle buildings had walls collapse but all in all it was a bit of a non-event. Was still a very strange experience though.

    EDIT: actually just looked it up, it was a 6.8....
  8. I was in one in Portugal a few years back. I slept through a part of it after it stopped You could hear dog's barking all around you. (This was out in the country near a small town) Then on the news it was on.
  9. I blamed it on the sprouts...

    However I have experienced 3 tremors in Manchester, it would have been just before the Commonwealth Games. Very odd sensation.

    The third one occurred while I was peacefully enthroned in trap one, leading me to evacuate in more ways than one... I was thinking if it had been 'The Big One' then at least it would have given the rescuers a laugh.
  10. About 4/5 yrs back sat at home in Glos, when we experienced an earthquake.

    It was strong enough to start shaking the sofa for about 1-2 mins.

    I wouldn't normally mind, but I was watching Most Haunted at the time and shat meself thinking Derek Acorah had sent the devil himself to my living room..
  11. Anyone look at the date on that report? :roll:

    Me thinks the OP meant this...
  12. I was living in Gloucester at the time and I remember that one, it was about 11 at night, I thought it was a car hitting the fcuking house! Scared the shite out of me as well.
  13. You lot not hear about the two earthquakes in cornwall just before xmas? , two little ones. erm. think about a 1 on the richeter, but still. Im going to start wearing my tinfoil hat just incase.