Eat Fat Lose Weight

I absolutely can't believe that this is for sale:

Eat Fat Lose Weight

Aren't they missing the point? EAT FAT? Are you fcuking nuts?

"Oh woe is me, i've got a slow metabolism, that's why i can't lose weight" (bleat moan whine).

Slow metabolism my arrse, people in Belsen didn't have slow metabolisms, they stopped eating, they got thin. Simple maths - input over output...

When will fat people realise that they are sub-human, and they need to eat a few salads (not pie salads).

If the book encouraged ladies to 'Eat man-fat Lose weight' i would be all for it BTW.


Eat fat and gain weight; weight is mass; mass is energy; energy is power; knowledge is power. Ergo: Eat fat and get smart! QED.


War Hero
I thought this was about the Army method of keeping fit:

Consume a daily intake of:

Greasy fry up for breakfast,
NAAFI pie for mid-morning snack,
Pie, chips and gravy for lunch,
Curry for Dinner,
15 pints of Stella and a Kebab...

and do loads of phys.


What where you searching for when you found that???

Did you google "I'm a loser that wants to eat man fat????
No problem, I am living proof that eating fat all day does not get you thin.

It just means there is more of me to hate everybody with.
I think we've gone off-topic. Regardless of the fact that indoubitabley is as angry as a tramp's dog, the fact still remains, that by publishing this utter sh1te, people (idiots to be fair) are going to be convinced to live on a diet of pies.

Now i'm not saying that that would be a bad thing, just an ickle bit unhealthy... So says Jamie Oliver...
indoubitabley said:
No problem, I am living proof that eating fat all day does not get you thin.
How is that off topic???
Thousands of Britons used to eat masses of lard, dripping & butter each year, without any ill effects or becoming overweight.... The secret is simple, tape worms!

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