Eat Fat Lose Weight

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The_Berkshire_Browns, Mar 28, 2007.

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  1. I absolutely can't believe that this is for sale:

    Eat Fat Lose Weight

    Aren't they missing the point? EAT FAT? Are you fcuking nuts?

    "Oh woe is me, i've got a slow metabolism, that's why i can't lose weight" (bleat moan whine).

    Slow metabolism my arrse, people in Belsen didn't have slow metabolisms, they stopped eating, they got thin. Simple maths - input over output...

    When will fat people realise that they are sub-human, and they need to eat a few salads (not pie salads).

    If the book encouraged ladies to 'Eat man-fat Lose weight' i would be all for it BTW.
  2. Eat fat and gain weight; weight is mass; mass is energy; energy is power; knowledge is power. Ergo: Eat fat and get smart! QED.
  3. I like your logic.
  4. I thought this was about the Army method of keeping fit:

    Consume a daily intake of:

    Greasy fry up for breakfast,
    NAAFI pie for mid-morning snack,
    Pie, chips and gravy for lunch,
    Curry for Dinner,
    15 pints of Stella and a Kebab...

    and do loads of phys.


  5. Arf!

    You know, you may have something there..... However you missed 'annual subscription to Ginsters plc'...
  6. What where you searching for when you found that???

    Did you google "I'm a loser that wants to eat man fat????
  7. errr, no.

    Actually looking for the world's fattest people.

    Yawn..... time for my morning constitutional.....
  8. Has indoubitabley got a little problem with his weight? Bit touchy?
  9. No problem, I am living proof that eating fat all day does not get you thin.

    It just means there is more of me to hate everybody with.
  10. I think we've gone off-topic. Regardless of the fact that indoubitabley is as angry as a tramp's dog, the fact still remains, that by publishing this utter sh1te, people (idiots to be fair) are going to be convinced to live on a diet of pies.

    Now i'm not saying that that would be a bad thing, just an ickle bit unhealthy... So says Jamie Oliver...
  11. How is that off topic???
  12. Thousands of Britons used to eat masses of lard, dripping & butter each year, without any ill effects or becoming overweight.... The secret is simple, tape worms!