eat and browse!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by canteen_cowboy, Nov 17, 2004.

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  1. Even better! now we can just click, and get our pizza while we browse the NAAFI :lol:

    do MODs get a discount? :wink:
  2. Only Porridge Gun - he's seriously into pepperoni....
  3. eat browse and never get off your chair , you are going to need a strong chair with all that weight factor :lol:
  4. "This store does not take online orders". Bugger.
  5. mine does :lol:
  6. Now all that's needed is an online catheterization and colostomy shop.....:roll:

    Beebs 8)
  7. CC is now
    Quoting "Jaws"
    I think I'm gonna need a bigger chair....... 8)
  8. Double bugger and extra cheese.
  9. MDN will have pictures of this no doubt......... :?
  10. I was rather hoping that the 'are you a customer from Ireland?' button would take those who clicked on it to another page with a 'are you a customer from Ireland?' button, and so back to the first page, ad infinitum, but boringly it leads to Domino's Ireland.

    Domino's do not deliver to my postcode, evidently - out of range of a spotty 16-year-old on a moped, I suppose.
  11. If you mean he likes shoving large bits of tubular meat up his hoop, you are of course correct.
  12. You're so right, Flash. And I just know Dominos will appreciate your articulate and delicately-worded endorsement of their excellent product....
  13. A little exercise may be necessary after all that Pizza-in-place
  14. Your sexual habits are you own business Beebs.
  15. Very popular with our illustrious senior service! :lol: