EasyJet introduce new "administration" fee

Discussion in 'Travel' started by walkyrie, Jan 13, 2012.

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  1. walkyrie

    walkyrie Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    For those of you who use EasyJet alot you may be interested to see this - easyJet introduces new "admin fee" and ends free Visa Electron card payments | TERMINAL U | Travel News

    They have removed all card booking fees and replaced it with a new "administration fee" of £9.

    For anyone who uses a credit card to book, this is a £1 increase.

    If, however, like myself, you travel alot and went out of your way to acquire a Visa Electron solely to avoid these charges you can now add £9 onto each of your bookings. I'm well chuffed.
  2. Boycott Easyjet - simples!

  3. Says it all really
  4. walkyrie

    walkyrie Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    I'd love to, but the b*ggers have a monopoly on a couple of routes I use alot.

    I might take up long distance swimming as an alternative though.
  5. Just been stung for this myself yesterday booking a flight. Why dont they just include it in the original price of the flight as it would look less of a c*nts trick then??