Easy way to sort out this mess

It seems to me there is a few major DEL LI DRAMAS going on in the corps at the mo, but what can be done?

First may I suggest that the big cheese's round up some top notch homies and gets them all in the BATTLE BOOZER for a shed load of RICHARD BEERS, what the hell make it a LEO DAYER. If they don't come with all their RHQ Massive they may get some true answers outta people, any good sesh eases the tounge :p

Secondly I know things are a bit busy there at the mo but if certain people could come back down a few PLATES OF FEET and take the time to have a good BUTCHERS at the surroundings then maybe they too would see the amount of CHOPPERS the Corps really has!

Thirdly get the likes of Super Mario chap in the training wings of the Regt's to jack up a shed load of Man Management course where the pass has to be at least 99%.  :-/

Four can this Apache Poo that is killing our Corps slowly
Invest the money in more of idea number one, at least everyone is involved and there is a sence of achivement at the end of the day ;D

I look forward to reading any ideas from the floor now so fire away!!? ;D


I think you stayed up a little too late last night (maybe a few too many G&T's as well?).  Suggest you edit this again after a glass of water and a couple of headache tablets.  Massive homie !!
I will have nothing said against southerners, he must  be a sad northern git, pretending to be a cockney. Plates of feet indeed, I think he has watched Love Honour AND Obey too many times.
I am a southerner! its just a pi88 about why of chatting we have a work, drives people f-ing nuts. Im sorry but I have been in a while and hate the way the corps is going down the pan and all the top lads are bugging out, telling their OC'S that when their out they are gonna give blow jobs for a fiver to try to regain some self respect, what is really going on with the brass they really don't have an igloo!! :'(
Wow,  I'm still lost at CrapCockney's entry.  "its just a pi88 about why of chatting we have a work, "  

MMMmmmm, yeah, but in English please, or, use MS Word first and check your spelling & grammer, then enter your post.

Now, I get the jist.  Your a young lad who's done less then 3, and your unhappy.  There, there, there.  Go to admin office and sign off.  There's a good lad.
If you only knew the half of it? Gunny-highway huh sounds to me like you've seen to many movies of people playing soldiers and just want in on the game little man. Its you I bet is the red arse, and a gobby one at that, thats the trouble nowadays, not allowed to fill in the NIGS. Then the trappy ones and they think they can get away with anything. No don't tell me your a lance jack whos income is making you feel a bit more powerful than you actually are. There has only ever been one Gunny in this corps and you certainly ain't him! They say everyone should bring something to a conversation, I suggest you bring silence you cheese!

To anyone else with the brains more than sea monkey who knew I arsing around to get my point over cheers!
Unfortunatly I'm not sure who Gunny is but maybe a move to wattisham is in order, I'd be happy to come to the guardroom and take the photos of the hand over of the biggest knob award.

Say cheese ;D
Sorry to disappoint you C-C but Gunny is no NIG

He served for about thirteen yrs (I think and has been out three)

A man of vast experience not limited to the Corps but from other units especially in NI

I personally value his opinion although Im not sure if he bats from the pavillion end ;D
Thank you Mighty (I'll keep the bed warm for you tonight, darling!!).  

Now, Crap Cockney.  My point is, if you have a problem about the Corps, and you haven't the balls to stand up and tell it like it is to whoever will listen to you, then you have the anonymity of the forum here, and apparently the top echelons of the AAC read the entries.  BUT, as my point above, no one is going to take the time to read your comments when they are laced with slang words and spelling mistakes and bitter & twisted ranting/ravings (have a look at the rest of the comments after yours, slightly belittling).  

Take the time to write out just what are the problems, as you see it, and then publish it here.  Then let the rest of us judge for ourselves if either you can't handle a little pressure, or if there is actually a serious problem with the management at your location or the Corps as a whole.  So far, no one has actually written an entry that identifies anything untoward, it all just seems like personality clashes or individuals caught up in the 'fcuk about' factor.  

You've obviously got a lot on your mind about the way things are at the mo, but I'll give you something to think about.  It was like that in 1986 when I joined and it was still like that when I left in 1999.   Something's just don't change, you'll always have the Provo Sgt who's a mini Hitler, or the SSM or OC who's lost touch the troops, so you going to have to adapt to it, make it better, or leave.  
Well said Gunny, the guy sounds like a right knobber.(Have I spelt that right Mr Gunny Sir?)
Stand easy Mr Bigglesworth, don't call him sir, that will only inflate his ego ;D

Told you he was on the other bus, anyway Youv'e no time to post on hear or are you backsliding like last time
Sorry to disapoint you old man but backslidin aint what I am doing this time, I will be buying a big American cot and perfecting my volleyball serve, so leave me alone. Thank you
Alternitavely you could ask if Wankderch is going to come and let his hair grow to completely stupid proportions again
Well said Gunny, the guy sounds like a right knobber.(Have I spelt that right Mr Gunny Sir?)
If he sounds like such a knobber perhaps you shouldnt even bother making a comment on his page? theres enough shit going on on this site without sheep like you!   BAAAA!!!!!
Whoa! whats goin on here just put my entry in above and theres no way in hell i wrote NUTS!! This site certified by the telly tubbies or what?
:eek: :eek: :eek:
If no one didn't make any comments, then how would the rest of this website perceive the aviation section?  Maybe as a bunch of illiterate, foul mouthed, bad tempered morons who think problems can be sorted out over a few beers and taking the OC to one side?   Or maybe as a bunch of whinging NIGs?  Anyone can submit their gripe, but isn't it funny when it's looked at, analysed and deconstructed by everyone else, it's found to be just another whinge/personality clash/lazy arrsed basstard who tries to get out of everything ?  Everyone likes a good laugh, but the calibre of some of the users on this site can be judged just by their crap entries.  God help the Corps if this is widespread !!

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