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Easy vs Hard miles...


Potentially. I’ll have to take a look but it’s not something I’ve actively sought after, I’ve heard of ‘overtraining’ notifications etc that sound ideal too.

I find them really useful - But it can be a case of 'what suits you' as previous posters have mentioned.
Hey all,

I’ve been following the forum for some time and thought I’d take the opportunity to ask a question to those fitness junkies on the forum!

I’m currently training for 4Para (should have my starting date very soon, passed AC etc) and I run 6 days a week and strength train. I can hit 7min/miles for about 5 miles, 8 min/miles for about 11 miles, my 5k PB is 20:40 and my 1.5PB is currently 9.30. I still have months and months until Cadre and therefore these numbers will improve. I’m also training strength in the gym Which is mostly ‘recovery’ heart rate.

My question is, I know the rule of thumb is to make around 70% of running mileage ‘easy’ in Z2 heart rate but I’m currently doing about 50% easy mileage and the rest is taken up by tempo runs, intervals etc. It actually equates to 2 easy runs a week, my long run on Monday and my easy run on Thursday. Would you, knowing that I’m training for the paras, still follow the 70% rule and look to do about 70% of miles in Z2 really easy pace or would you suggest keeping the mileage more 50/50 as of current?

thank you.

For those who wonder what my current regime is, it’s this:

M - 8-10 mile easy Long run
T - Rest or upper strength training
W - 45 min intense Fartlek
T - 45 min easy run
F - 2min fast intervals x5 (6.15min/mile)
S - Hill sprints / 5 mile Tempo run (7.22min/mile)
S - 4-5 mile Tab (sometimes 6-7 mile)

Around 30miles/week running, 55 miles a week moving
I would say that running/tabbing 6 out of 7 days in a week is overtraining and you are not maximising use of recovery time to make significant gains. You are also running the risk of getting injured.
I'm not a former PARA now RAPTC SSgt, but a bloke called Mike Chadwick is. Not content with utterly overhauling how baby PARAs are trained, he also has a pretty strong website.

His big mantra are posterior chain strength and proper core stability.
Also bear in mind you don’t want to be peaking just as your build up training with 4 Para starts.

As other posters have said, I wouldn’t worry too much about increasing distances beyond 10 - 12 miles for your long and slow runs.

It’s pace over 3 - 6 that will make the difference.