Easy to use Back up device

Easy to use Back up device

The ClickFree Transformer

There are some great products that are now coming to market that make back up of various documents so very easy.

One product that I have recently purchased and can highly recommend (I have no commercial or business connection with this company) is the Clickfree Transformer from ClickFree (ClickFree Transformer).
The actual product allows any USB external harddrive to be connect to the Clickfree Transformer and it then becomes part of the automatic back up system.
The ClickFree Transformer system automatically loads when you plug it into a USB port on the PC and once a search is made, it backs up the relevant files.
Next time it backs up (when to back up can be user specified) it only backs up the changes so back up is fast.

I have thousands of pdf files - mostly created from news items, training docs I have created in Word etc and with that lots of jpg and png files - these are all backed up.
From what I have seen, the Clickfree Transformer (costs approx 55 Euros) does not back up any software, just the files that are created - which is just what I needed.

Sorry to sound like a sales pitch, this isn't, just some advise to anyone out there who like me have had hard drives stop working for no reason other than windows xp creating a problem.

A demo video on the manufacturers website shows that a single USB hard drive connected to the ClickFree Transformer can be used on several PC's manually backing up a range of file types.

I really hate it when you have a hard disk problem and all those files you have been saving in the My Documents folder or in folders on the Desktop and they are all lost - I do volunteer work and create lots of the groups marketing info etc which can take days of work for what looks like little work - to loose these files and I have, really makes me mad - I'm hoping that this new device will at least minimise the loss of files.
Highly recommended

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