Easy retirement work suggestions

Convert your house into a discreet high class Brothel.

Rent the rooms out to the (self employed) Ladies.

Take a cut of the action or not if you don't wish to be charged for receiving immoral earnings/pimping, (another income stream).

Install cctv in each room wired in to a DVD recorder to manufacture porno films/blackmail of clients, (another income stream).

Enjoy the additional fringe benefits of having the young Ladies in the house.




What about being one of them „Human Statue“ characters that infest tourist venues?

You quite literally „do fück all!!“ except a couple of times an hour move and make Grannies shit there pants and scare kids so they need therapy for the rest of their lives!!?? Whilst being paid by donations.


This allegedly happened at Bristol zoo (or similar), £5 a car, tenner for a coach. 7 days a week for many years, always full up. The story goes that one day he didn’t turn up and someone rang the Council to ask where he was, “oh no, that car park isn’t manned…”

Mr Hi-Viz is never seen again, except probably, by folks in Barbados.
I believe this came up on QI not so long ago and was dismissed by Ms Toksvig as an urban legend?

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