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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Cretin, Dec 26, 2007.

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  1. It's been donkeys years since I was at Basic Training (Sorry, Phase 1). One of my lads is about to start up at Winchester- had some questions - and sorry to sound like someone from the stoneage.

    1. I understand that barrack dress went a while back. Does this mean that recruits wear combats for everything? Drill included?

    2. Is it correct that you don't get put into your regimental dress until about halfway in? Is this something to do with the cra@phats?

    3. There's a visit to battlefield / war graves in Belgium/France. True or False?

    4. Bumpering floors - gone or not?

    5. Mobiles - Yes or no?

    Thanks. What can I say? I'm old.
  2. I haven't started phase 1 yet but this is what i picked up from here and at recruit selection.

    1. When i was at selection i saw some doing drill and they weren't in combats.
    2. Not sure but all i know is that you have to do a certain amount of weeks before you get your cap badge.
    3. True. Ive got to get my new passport ready for this :).
    4. Don't no.
    5. Allowed but when you get to ATR they will say when etc.. (I remember someone saying on here that his son had theres taken for first 3 weeks or something).

    Hope that helps a little.

  3. 1. you do normal every day in combats, drill is still done in drill kit, when not in uniform you are in your company tracksuit.

    2. you do not earn the right untill the 7th week, to ware your regimental cap badge, when you pass your drill test.

    3. yes a visit to france or belgium is done.

    4. i havent had to bumper floors as of yet.

    5. mobiles are encouraged, but are only available after 6, unless for compasionate reason.

  4. Sorry - what is "Drill kit"? Is that barrack dress or No 2s? Or something new that I've never heard of?
  5. I'm not at winchester, but I'm DS at bassingbourn so hopefully this will help.

    1. Yes Barracks are gone, drill is now done in Lightweights, green shirt, jumper, and boots.

    2. Recruits now wear a generic army capbadge for the first seven weeks, on week seven there is a drill test and OC's inspection. If they pass, they get their regimental head dress.

    3. Battlefield tours are normally in week 4 (ish) and our lot go to Ypres or the Somme. Don't worry about a passport they get sent on a NATO travel order.

    4. Sadly gone, but there are still many ways to get floors shiny.

    5. Mobiles, yes they can have them but they can not have it on their person at any time and can only get used after working hours. Except on compasionate cases. Just tell your lad to keep his bluetooth off, I've caught out many of my section with that one. He might also find that his mobile is part of his locker layout.
  6. Drill kit = Lightweights (denims) green shirt, jumper, boots but no twisters (elastics).
  7. !!! That sounds not a little bit like.......working dress.

    That's a bit harsh if they have a carpet.
  8. Working dress is now combats (combat 95) drill kit is the old working dress, but the new lightweights have no map pocket on the leg and you wear them without twisters (why!, I've no idea)

    There's nothing wrong with shiny carpets,!!!

    the little fcukers put enough boot polish on the floor (walls, ceiling, doors, etc) when trying to polish boots, they might as well bump the floors....
  9. lightweights also worn for the steeplechase
  10. That's when you find out who the best soldiers are likely to be!

  11. Cretin,

    If you are having a problem understanding what the contributors are writing, try reading the script phonetically....

    Although if you have a son old enough to be joining up, you might already no that. :D :D :D

  12. cretin sorry i didnt specify on the drill kit, im also at bassingbourn and not winchester.
  13. I thought lightweights had been made redundant lol
  14. Not quite yet, they have new ones that have no map pocket.

    I think they are being used insted of the old barrack trousers that are redundant. Seen a few RMP units wearing them as duty order a while back. Lightweights with shoes, it just looks a little gay. But a least the recruits are wearing them with boots.
  15. May be in the wrong topic but would i need a passport before phase 1 for the battlefield vist?