Easy question re JOTAC

What are the entry requirements for JOTAC?

Is there a requirement to have done a minimum number of years post-commissioning, for example?

Are the requirements different for regular and TA?
You need

a min of 18 months at regimental duty

b to have completed and passed MK 1

c be about to be promoted.

JOTAC Regular 3 weeks (no w/e work)
JOTAC TA slots into last 2 weeks of above course and works w/es
Apologies for this - I lent my brain to No.2 so that he could use it to test a body-swap machine he is working on and he dropped it.

(a) So in the case of a TA potential officer who was sent to Sandhurst, had "Rupert" stamped on his forehead, and then returned to his old unit immediately, that would mean 18 months approx from commissioning. Is that right?

(b) Please fill me in on this Military Knowledge 1 lark. How does one do it, get put forward for it, etc.?

(c) Is that a change of the rules since the days of JOTES? Dr Evil's Sandbags contemporaries did JOTES towards the end of their second year post-commissioning, with no sign of imminent promotion. Is "about to be promoted" a vague concept?
Following a briefing i recieved on my RE TCC (V) a couple of weeks ago.

a. If said Rupert commissions before this Septembers TA Course he has the option of either completing JOTES or nominating for JOTAC.

If the Jotes option is taken then JOTAC + MK1 may be completed as employment training rather than as a prerequisite for promotion to Captain, eg may be done as an attendance course.

The 18 months is approx from commissioning same for Regular and TA

b. Apparently units will recieve the MK 1 package, one for each officer, approx 50hrs self paced study, combination of reading, interactive CD-ROM type lessons, dont know about the testing phase. Have copies of the CD-ROM v. glossy lots of bells and whistles, but have not seen the hard copy literature.

c. Think the about to be promoted is possibly more geared to the Regulars but may be wrong on that point, understand this is so that people are loaded centrally on to the course in an order roughly geared to participants need to complete. e.g. new sprog not needing it, will be deferred in preferance to somebody who needs it for promotion
Cheers, matey.

I take it anyone can plough their way through MK1, even though they are on course to do JOTES rather than JOTAC, on a purely voluntary (read "geeky") basis?
Dr Evil,

You should get paid for the 50 hrs of study that MK1 entails if you do it as part of your JOTAC.

I will reserve judgement on the course until I have attended, however I can't see there being much integration between the TA and Regs, seeing as they will already have been there a week, and we will have to work right through the weekends.

We had a laugh when they asked us to nominate three courses for next year - yeah right, I'll just go and book six weeks of leave for next year then. I don't think so.

You should get paid for the 50 hrs of study that MK1 entails if you do it as part of your JOTAC.
Is that "should" as in "people should be nice to one another" or "should" as in "on mobilisation, you should receive a brown envelope with your call out notice in it"?

If you catch mah drift.
Mr Benn said:
Why are you putting yourself through the hassle of doing JOTAC when you could do JOTES?
Because I can't do JOTES.

I am, and I fear he may not be entirely correct.

Officers who are already commissioned should have been sent a letter in the last couple of weeks asking to nominate whether they wish to pursue the JOTES or JOTAC route.

If you nominate JOTAC then you relinguish any right to sit JOTES.

If you go down the JOTES route, you must attend and pass JOTES by a certain date, otherwise you will eventually be loaded on to JOTAC.

Whichever route you take, all will have to take MK 1 and JOTAC at some stage. For some it will be required for promotion, for those with JOTES it will be done as employment training. Just checked the letter we recieved from Military Secretarys Branch.

There is a JOTES course and exam that is being run during the first six months of next year by 49 (E) Bde
DR Evil

To JOTES or not to JOTES that is the question.

Current opion based on what has been said about Jotacc, bearing in mind that noone has done the TA version yet, is that it is a bettr route than JOTES + TA staff course.

MK 1 is the distance learning package that you have to do before the course. 50 Hours an it will be paid.

As the TA staff course is due to be cut in 06 then you will have to do Jotac to get your Majority. Spare your self the pain and just do the 1 course.

Mind you it could all have changed by the time they work out how long it will take anyone to qualify under ROC (V)

PM me if you want any info on how we are managing things.
Of course if gets even more confusing when you have qualified for JOTES but it hasn't been recorded on UNICOM, so according to RHQ you have to start all over again :roll: , and then you don't get the MCM letter because you were (in theory) still mobilised and therefore a regular soldier....

Maybe I'm just bitter! :D
Right. Am now down to do JOTAC.

Isn't this exciting? Like Neighbours, only more so.

Next step: obtaining the MK1 pack. Any of these knocking around? Our dozy RHQ hasn't got a copy.
Has the Borg actually loaded you on the course?

All my stuff for the TA staff course came direct from Shriv about a month prior to the course.

I would expect the same thing works for MK 1, but I am not sure how long you get to do the work.

Speak to the Borg and make sure you are loaded. If you dont get an answer you like speak to your PSAO and let him chase him.
In answer to your questions about MK1 see the adjutant. He should have anumber of packs (large extremely heavy boxes ideal for door stops). Very long books and cds. Some of it new and interesting most of it dull and repetitive if youve been in any time.

Having done the JOTAC course i can thouroughly recommend it especially for Coy 2ics. However word of warning you're much better off doing the BPC if you can get a place.

until september JOTAC was considered ET for all those having done JOTES. If you go now you HAVE to have passed MK1.
What's "BPC", old bean?

Nice name, by the way, Machiavelli. Those who know me will now think I talk to myself on arrse.
Battle Planning Course. 2 weeks of planning process - sounds as dull as dishwater but is actually really good. Based on job specifics eg there is a slot for Bn 2ics, IO, Ops, BGLOs etc.
Cannot recommend it enough - dont believe you if they tell you its full as there have been dropouts on all the courses run so far.
Also its becoming a prerequisite for a growing number of SO2/3 jobs.

Thank you for the compliments on the name just thought it was appropriate for this forum.

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