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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by arby, Feb 4, 2008.

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  1. considering a purchase although the £2k price tag stings a bit. Has anybody got use of this in a commercial setting? i it qs for dummies or does it really reduce estimating time?
  2. We have had EPP for about 3 years now. We have used it avidly at first like all new acquisitions but then circumstances get in the way and our use of it dropped off for a bit. We have recently re-visited the software due to having a number of jobs to get quoted and out to clients.

    I would say EPP is a very good and well built system. Once you have learnt to navigate the system and know what it can do then it may be for you. Personally I could not send out a pre- designed quote as EPP suggest you can straight from the information generated ( which is vast ! ) I will continue to happily use the system but once a "customers report" i.e. quote has been generated I would first sit down and look at the bottom line then say ( unless a zero vat job ) 1) can the job be done for this price ? 2) will I get the job at this price ? 3) can the Client afford this price ?

    From experience we all know or should do what the current market place is for the type of work in question and have a fair idea of what "ball-park" the price should fall within.
    My initial advice is as follows:

    1. Take the on-line demonstration with 'team player' accessing your PC remotely from EPP's head office. If you like what you see ( and you probably will ! ) then purchase as we did making sure you are buying only what you need because to buy all-in can be expensive and although a fair discount package is offered you may be better to buy - in first then build on that.
    2. Run some dummy jobs through it preferably ones that you may have recently completed knowing your labour and material cost prices.
    3. Check the pie chart for varying your percentage profit / mark-up on labour and materials, hirings etc this is a very useful tool.
    4. Once you feel comfortable then try a new "live" job on the system BUT you must refer to the library for labour, materials, plant etc and INPUT your known local costs. Here in the South it's all very expensive for labour and materials. Elsewhere it may be different. Although EPP have regional prices pre-set which from time to time are up-rated, nevertheless its by far the best thing to know your own !! So when a letter announcing a 7% increase on bricks, timber etc arrives from your merchant suppliers then change the library straight away if you can or set a morning aside once a month to check your local 'core' costs.
    5. The rest is down to you !

    We use it largely now as guide and not a 'bible'. You need to know your market and your Clients spend-a-bility to then make a rational decision to present the quotation.

    Best of luck

  3. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    I think four years after the initial enquiry the OP **may** have made his decision by now...thanks mind.