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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by biffa, Apr 4, 2006.

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  1. hello troops im just about to swap cap abdges going to RAMC TA ..i have been given a piece of purple cloth that is to be sewn on to my lid ..could someone advise on size please...i await the funnies , ..6cm by 8 ft ..cheers biff
  2. Nicht verstehen, MSO Bielefeld!
  3. All I know is it's oval shaped and gets sewen on the beret for the capbadge to go on top of. Couldn't find any pictures online to link to, but I'm sure someone here will know where one is.
  4. 6cm x 8 FT 8O you'll have enough spare to add a nice stripe down each leg of your strides.
  5. The blood patch should be oval in shape and approx 3-5mm larger than the cap badge. My ‘source’ says W35mm by L55mm.

    Hope that helps,
  6. If you want it to look any good use your cap badge as a guide to get a rough shape, then trim it so its visible behind your cap badge. Just ignore the comments from the QM, what would he know anyway.
  7. The patch behind my cap-badge is 4 x 5.3 cms and oval. But it was issued to me in that size anyway. I can remember a couple of Scalies and a Sapper transferring to our RAMC unit, and they were all issued with patches of the right size. Maybe they do things a bit differently nowadays, though.

  8. thanks lads ..will commnemce sewing at 1400hrs today ..
  9. Biffa,

    just make sure you can see it, and your capbadge doesnt hide it and be proud to wear it as so many have been over the years. If you are still unsure of size, shape or positioning speak to RSM who will have a guide on this information.
  10. I'm sure thats not the official colour :wink:
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