Easy Co.- Taking Carentan (Painting)

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Trip_Wire, Jun 4, 2008.

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  1. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    Easy Co.- Taking Carentan (Painting)

    BTW: Not posted as an Advertisment, as I have no interest in promoting the picture just for your collective FYI.

    Easy Company 101st Airborne - The Taking of Carentan

    $225 Paper

    Signed by Artist and the following members of Easy Company:

    Corporal HERB 'Jr' SUERTH

    Private 1st Class BILL WINGETT
    First Sergeant FRANK SOBOLESKI
    Colonel ED SHAMES
    Private First Class BILL MAYNARD.

    Call 800-731-0060
    Military Aviation Art

    "You have a rendezvous with destiny!" – promised Major Gen William Lee to his men as the 101st Airborne Division was activated at Camp Claiborne, Louisiana, 15 August 1942. And the first place they kept that rendezvous was Normandy. Specially commissioned by the Military Gallery, this dramatic new limited edition by Chris Collingwood, one of Britain’s foremost figure artists, portrays the men of Easy Company as they fight their way through the bullet-swept streets of Carentan. Facing the enemy in close combat house-to-house street fighting, the paratroopers relentlessly pounded the enemy until the last vestiges of German resistance were overwhelmed and the objective taken. But for the men of Easy Company and the 101st Airborne, this action is just the beginning of their distinguished but savage war. Others will follow: the liberation of the first Dutch city, Eindhoven; the siege of Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge; and ultimately, the capture of Hitler’s ‘Eagles Nest’ at Berchtesgaden.

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  2. The 'Arcs of Fire' gallery in Falmouth has a signed copy on display. It's almost as if the artist has taken a 'still' from Band of Brothers and committed it to canvas.

  3. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    There's a whole series of Easy Company paintings
    Although $225 seems cheap for them I think the prices over here are about £600 ($1200)

    Specially commissioned by the Military Gallery, working in close liaison with James Dietz, one of America's foremost artists, this highly restricted print edition is issued with a genuine US military issue combat helmet, from which we have created a museum quality collectors piece, in Easy Company markings. Each helmet is beautifully displayed in specially created presentation box.



    Commemorating the men and the gallant deeds of the 101st, the edition size is appropriately limited to just 101 sets worldwide. Both the print and combat helmet in each set is personally hand-signed by the artist James Dietz along with ELEVEN original Easy Company veterans creating a unique and highly desirable collectors edition

    Signed by
    Flight Lieutenant(?) LYNN “BUCK” COMPTON (helmet)
    Staff Sergeant WILLIAM “WILD BILL” GUARNERE (print)
    Corporal FORREST GUTH (helmet)
    Private EDWARD “BABE” HEFFRON (print)
    Private ED JOINT (print)
    Sergeant First Class DON MALARKEY (helmet)
    Private First Class BILL MAYNARD (print)
    First Sergeant FRANK SOBOLESKI (print)
    Corporal HERB SUERTH (print)
    Sergeant BUCK TAYLOR (print)
    Private First Class HANK ZIMMERMAN (print)

  4. I wonder how all the other US vets feel about the ongoing media focus on Easy Company? Maybe its time to spread it around a little, and highlight a few of the other units with remarkable (or unremarkable) contributions to the NWE campaign....
  5. Great pics - good collectors items too. :)
  6. E Coy receives such media focus because it is one of the few units with so much history that has been preserved. The main person responsible for this is Bill Guarnere who maintains close contact with many E Coy members and arranges most of the reunions.

    E Coy was brought sharply into the media spotlight because Smokey Gordon used to live next door to Stephen Ambrose who was subsequently invited to one of the E Coy reunions. The rest as they say is history.
  7. Ive met one or two of the Easy Company veterans, they enjoy the rightful praise they get, however they arent shallow or stupid enough to say they dont realise that Easy Company, has got more attention because of a TV series, and that they personally like to think, its a TV programme that salutes all the Allied Soldiers of WW2.

    A lot, well a few years back, stopped doing autographs because of them being sold straightaway on E-Bay, the pictures go for silly money now.

    The chance to do a film on say Pegasus Bridge, id say has long gone now, unless the History Channel commissions one.
  8. Used to. He no longer handles the organisation of the reunions. Ed Shames does so now, I believe. But Bill did all of the groundwork for the early reunions, so like you say, he is largely responsible.
  9. Good luck to them all, who have worn, wear, or will one day put on a uniform in their Country's name. Not all will be heroes, not all will live to take the uniform off, but all will be changed for having worn it willingly.
  10. American soldiers all know the history of there own units and units that they have been in. While E company gets a lot of recognition, because of the popular miniseries "Band of Brothers". We also know that they didn't do much else that other companies in the 101 didn't do. We also know that while there stories are great, there are a lot more other stories form WWII that have never been told that would match dame near anything else the 101 did, aside from Bastogne. We respect and honor them and there history, but know that they didn't single handedly fight the war. I think the story of the British 1st Airborne is just as good. With there actions on D-day, during Market Garden and operation Varsity.
  11. I don't think anyone who has at least more than a passing interest in the era doubts the contribution of all those involved and not just a single rifle company.

    Band of Brothers is just a good story told well. It's a shame that more stories aren't told in a similar format, I think it would sell well.
  12. Arent they now making one set in the Pacific at the moment?
  13. Good painting (first) with excellent detail. Does however show the classic US "spread out in a bunch". Seems he couldn't get any more of the Names into it.

    The second one gives the impression it was pencilled by someone actually there at the time Much better IMHO.

    Brain Sewer, art critic. (Not to be confused with Brian Sewell)