Easy car insurance scam: as used by...

<insert your least favourite nationality>

Claim that back home you have 5 years no claims bonus.

Find company that will insure you and give you 30 days to prove it

Cancel insurance within cooling off period (free)

Take policy from company 'A' which says you 5 years NCB and present to company 'B'

Hey Presto! One instant maximum discount on your insurance.

I know someone who did something similar with this when they went to Cyprus an came away with 5 years no claims. He then had insurance for 18 months in UK using the pretence of the 5 years no claims he had given them. Problem came when he had an accident and put a claim in, they then did checks on his previous insurance and said because he had lied they wouldnt pay out. It left him deep in the sh*t wih a trashed car and had paid 18 months of insurance for no reason.
Can be a risk.


The vast majority of the <least favourite nationality> feckers don't have a licence anyway, making any insurance (dodgy or not) completely void.

This scam is mainly used by home-grown fiddlers, and works fine for them until - as pointed out above - they have a prang, and end up in the brown stuff.
Msr, are you a glue sniffer? The reason why car insurance is so high because of silly ideas like this. The last thing I want is some fcuker having an accident causing damage, death or injury to myself or family only to have their insurance made void by your 'scam' above. And I think you would think the same. Unless you are a glue sniffer......

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