Easy $ 50


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vvaannmmaann said:
10? your avin a laff!

Jesus. Tell you what? I have a better offer than those chaps in Ontario (is that in Africa, or near East Timor? Never mind).

Heres the deal.

I will pay you £50 for one condom full of your spunk, OK?

Within two weeks I will have you fitted up with all manner of rape, child molesting and 'armed robbery while you had a wank' scenarios. Your life will get interesting. And you will have $50.

I will have your house, car, wife and everything you own.

$60. Last offer. Special friend rate.
Rocketeer said:

though, to be fair, some of you might have trouble amassing 10 used in a month...

I could have supplied them with quite a few 'unexpeneded' over the years!

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