Eastleigh by-election result - postal vote shenanigans?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Legallybald, Feb 28, 2013.

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  1. Eastleigh by-election result: live - Telegraph

    Why have postal votes become an accepted part of elections in this country? It used to be restricted to people who could show good reason why they couldn't make it to the polls.
  2. Easier to gerrymander?
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  3. ^ In a nutshell, yes. especially if you have lots of eerrrr...'interchangeable' Names.

    This type of electoral fraud is becoming endemic in certain areas. It's time it was sorted.
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  4. green-tick-hi.png
  5. It used to be a pain in the 'arris to get a postal vote, it needs to return to being so. IIRC dodgy postal votes were a problem in the same areas where intimidation at poling stations was also cropping up.
  6. Imagine being intimidated into voting Lib Dem.
  7. Postal votes are "money in the bank" to politicians and the amount cast for each candidate if the postal votes are counted before the actual election day can often be an indicator of how the count will go on the night so it's small wonder, politicians and political parties love them.

    The vast majority of politicians from all parties will do their utmost to ensure that their postal votes are "clean" votes and they will actually scrutinize their opponents postal votes to see if they can spot problems or discrepancies.

    The instances of fraudulent postal votes, i.e. votes from people who shouldn't be voting, dead people are a good example, is probably quite small. I think a bigger problem is where canvassers from political parties turn up at with postal vote forms at places like homes for the elderly and assist voters to fill in their forms. I'm certain that's abused and the rules need to be tightened up to stop it.
  8. BBC NEWS | UK | England | West Midlands | Judge upholds vote-rigging claims

    I'm sure it's all been tightened up since then though.
  9. You quote one case about a single campaign and the opinion of a single judge, not evidence mind you, an opinion and you think that's proof that the whole system is corrupt.

    The fact that this case got to court seems to me evidence that it's not endemic because there would be far more court cases!
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  10. It was a finding by a judge which led to elections being re-run - hardly an "opinion". A random one which I remembered from a while back, I'm sure I could find more if I could be bothered - how many do you need?

    The logic behind the proposition that quoting a random example implies that it's not endemic is interesting.
  11. You misquote the judge. He directed that two ward elections have to be re-run and the entire country is tainted?

    I hardly think so! Read it again!

    The two wards were obviously proven to be fraudulent. It was his opinion about the rest of it.

    Keep it in context!
  12. Let's not.

    For example, if the manufacturer of your car finds some examples of defective brakes in the same year/model and issues a recall, I suppose you could ignore it on the same basis as you've outlined.
  13. Is that the best comparison you can think of?
  14. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    Hooray everybody won! - apparently.
  15. Labour 4th hahahahahahahahahahah!!
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