Eastern Europeans & short dated food at discount in Tesco

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by 58_Pattern, Oct 15, 2007.

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  1. I have got into a wee bit of of a routine that I call into Tesco on the way home from the gym. Get my rations and go home to shower. Have noticed that Borats cousins hover near near the discounted food and will buy anything that is discounted, Cress, Mackeral, Cous Cous, Wensleydale, Quorn, Trotters, Mussels, Spinach, Samosas, Lettuce and Pork Pies. Then see them buying Tesco blue and white Value Vodka and the same brand Lemonade. Am not really into social anthropology but it can't be healthy. How can a diet of Cress, Mussels & Pork Pies avec Vodka be healthy. These folk actually hover around the discounted food and wait for it to be further reduced. It is quite funny to watch. Is it the same at other Tescos in the UK ?
  2. Yes! Not the best of diets...!
  3. Bugger...I thought this was Tesco's latest product range......
  4. Is nice! I like! :lol:

    I wonder does it all go into the same big pot in whatever digs they're sharing with 89 of their compatriots.

    I've seen students doing this sort of thing. I remember 2 of the lads I shared with as a student making up a big pot of stew from oxtail soup, kidneys, instant mash and other stuff and keeping it going in the same pot for weeks on end - just kept adding to it. Don't know how they survived.
  5. You weren't in Norfolk Park Flats in '80, were you? 8)
  6. Still got to be better than cabbage and potatoes or whatever they are used to back in their homeland.

    Don't know why they bother waiting for the discount. Just wait a while and they can go skip jumping for freebies. Althought this could result in a showdown with the local pikey population.
  7. Around here some of those types seem to live off of bottles of Ostrovar, anything else is a luxury.
  8. where my business is situated we get poles 'skp diving' around the back in the somerfield skips and we have another eastern block tramp roughing it in a showmodel conservatory at the front. There is litter and old addidas clothing everywhere
  9. Most of them are decent hard working folk who do some of the jobs we wouldn't do. They are also legendary drinkers.

    It is important to note that most of them are sending money back home to either provide for their families or to build a better life for themselves when they go back home.

    I dont have any issues with the hard workers, I do have with the lazy chavs who contribute nothing to society and bitch that we do not do enough for them or their breed.
  10. Waste not want not!

    Something a lot of us Westerners could do with relearning. I include myself in that.
  11. Fair play to them. Maybe they can't afford anything else!

    Maybe a bottle of cheap meths is their only luxury??

    At least the few eastern european people I have met over here work, and earn what money they get, unlike the giro junky gerneration of young brits at the moment.
  12. My mum was orphaned in the thirties and, as the oldest, had to bring up her brothers and sisters on next to nothing. Waste not want not is very strong in my household. In my local Tesco, the brits are queuing up for the reduced goods, not the East Europeans.
  13. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Dis 'cos dey stupid like dog. dey wait at table for food to come free, and dey wag tails.

    Honestly though, you won't recognise them in ten years time. This bit of judicious fruiting will see them driving Mercs around in a few years time, just like the Ugandan refugees. Good drills.
  14. used to work in tescos when I was a student. The eastern European lot used to come in everyday at 7pm to get the discounted chickens and anything else they could get on the cheap. Fair play to them, they work hard as fcuk around my area and get paid sh1t money.
  15. Why - is the pot still on the go ?

    When I were a lad , I did some weekend & holiday work in Sainsbury's - working on the provisions side on a Saturday (16:00hrs closing in those days) one of my duties was to mark down all the meat/cheese/pies that would run out. As there was no opening on Sunday or Monday it could sometimes take a while - especially if someone's pen had slipped and a crate of pies came in rather than a case.

    Our problem in those days were the Hell's Grannies. It started with one character who used to loiter and take things out of your hand as soon as you'd marked it down. Then another couple who would tell you to discount it some more. Later it reached a stage where some of them would stand around a particular shelf where stuff hadn't been discounted, so that no innocent customer could buy the things.

    On occasions the management would get hacked off and make them staff sales only, once the public was locked out. If there was too much they'd give it to a hospital or Old Folks home.

    Aren't people wonderful ?.