Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by belt_fed_wombat, May 11, 2005.

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  1. Russia

  2. Ukraine

  3. Croatia

  4. Azerbaijan

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  5. Belarus

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  6. Bosnia and Herzegovina

  7. Bulgaria

  8. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

  1. Which Eastern European country has the fittest women and where can I get them???
  3. I have heard the cheq republic is meant to be very good, Although saying that estonia is fantastic.

    But if you cant be arsed traveling got to www.Russianbrides.com
  4. Go to Cyprus....go down the strip...to the end do a right then a left, 2nd on right and into the shitty part and you will find more EASTERN EUROPEAN whores than you can spray over in a week, go on a complete whore buy up feast and keep notes. Then just pick the country tht provided the best ones !!...jobs a good'n.
  5. Czech Republic, no question about it.
  6. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Agree with crabtastic, although their cousins in slovakia have some top totty. :D
  7. Overall I would go with Poland
  8. After extensive research on various pages on the internet, Dnepropetrovsk in Ukraine is clearly a fitty production factory.

    Hear me now!
  9. Had an Estonian/Russian girlfriend. Absolutely stunning, great in bed, good cook etc.

    Whatever the country, eastern european, especialy of russian decent, have a different attitude to western, especially English, women. She wouldn't let me go to Moscow; reason being, she didn't expect me to come back to her because of the women.


    Russian Women

    Love Me

    And to give you an idea:
    Ideal -
  10. My wife's Russian so I vote Russia! Lived there for a year or so (in 92/93) and apart from the dodgy makeup and gear, their high cheekbones and (then) wastrel look, hands down, no.1 totty.
  11. Had a Russian model at my school for a year to do an A-Level in Art when I was there.

    For some obscure reason she had won a competition that entitled her to come to a minor english public school to be drooled over by 200 hormonal school boys... 8O

    Fit as you like though!:D
  12. A) any which say yes or 'Da!'

    B) my local curry house, most pizza express resaurants in london, behind most pub bars.They've replaced the Aussies.
  13. Ideal -

    Absolutely. I think I shall order her right now.