Being Easter, a religious joke seems in order......

A Catholic Priest, a Baptist Minister and a Jewish Rabbi get together for their weekly coffee and general discussion on all things religion. During their little debate, the Priest said that it wasn't too difficult to convert people to God, but if they were to convert a Grizzly bear then that would be a real religious feat indeed.
The Minister and Rabbi agreed and the next day set out for the forest wilds to see if they could convert a Grizzly bear to their respective Gods.

A few days later they were together again, but this time in the same hospital ward telling of their adventures of converting a Grizzly.
Father O'Flannery had his arm in a cast with a few scratches and bruises and was first to speak.
"I went into the wilds and found a huge Grizzly who wasn't entirely impressed to see me. He rose up on his huge hind legs and let out a roar that I feared may wake the demons, then lashed out with a huge paw and broke my arm! But as quick as a flash I pulled out my Holy Water and sprinkled him in the name of the Lord, and lo and behold, the giant bear became calm and we sat and I read from the Bible for the rest of the day as the beast rocked back and forth in a Holy rapture."

The Baptist Minister, Billy Bob Johnson, who had both arms in slings and had lost skin from a fair percentage of his body, was next to tell of his experience in the forest with a Grizzly.
"I too went into the deepest wilds and found a Grizzly bear who wasn't at all pleased to see me either, so he reared up and set upon me, but as I had the Lord Jesus with me, I wrestled that huge bear up a hill then down the other side where we tumbled together into a stream and I immediately Baptised him in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord! I then preached to that bear for the entire day as he too rocked gently back and forth in a state of Holy rapture!"

The Rabbi was the last to speak, and he was by far the worst for wear after his experience in the wild forest. He was in traction, bandaged from head to toe with multiple broken bones and connected to all manner of life saving machines.
"I too found a Grizzly in the deepest darkest part of the wild forest who was none too pleased to see me either." The Rabbi croaked painfully, "In hindsight, maybe it wasn't such a good idea to start with a circumcision."

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