Easter Leave at Larkhill Phase 2

Excuse the bone question, Passing out Pirbright on friday and start at Larkhill on the 20th, Just wondering if i'd get Easter leave while there (it's the duty rumour with the Gunner SUTs here) and if so what are the appx dates.

thanks all
Unless it's changed, no block leave at larkhill (as per Ph1) less for Christmas. Simply too many bodies moving through to take leave.

I'll try and confirm, but that's how it was when I was DS there.


There's a way around the problem - tell the DS that your a Druid, that Easter is based on a Pagan festival of the Spring Solstice, and that your Chief Druid, Dilligaf, says you're needed down the temple for the big do. If that doesn't work they're infringing your human rights or somesuch.
Thanks for the replies. No particular plans, so didn't need it off, just nice to know in advance. Had my joining instructions today which state, like you said, no leave periods other than Christmas.

Can't wait to get there now! (after a few days off!)

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