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Easter Bunnie coming to a tent near YOU!

SGT G.I. Rabbit – OSOT has launched its Easter project.  If you or a loved one are deployed overseas and have not been adopted for one of our other Holidays From  Home projects, please PM me, and I'll get you on the road to Easter Bunny Basket Treats.

So far we're sending things out to 3,000 troops. We sent a whole lot more out for Christmas, so if you're in a hot sand place, or an away from the big PX kind of place, there are a whole lot of folks at home that would love to put you on the show our support by sending goodies list. :D :D :D


Kit Reviewer

Helen, you've just started them now.
The majority of the Arrse 'maidens' seem already to be huge fans of the bunny.

But I'm sure you can handle this......
Oops, Sorry. Must be more clear.

That's CHOCOLATE BUNNIES for the troops, you old mingers, CHOCOLATE BUNNIES.

Well probably something a little more non-meltable, but you get the idea. 8)


Kit Reviewer
HellonWheels said:

Well probably something a little more non-meltable, but you get the idea. 8)
I believe the ones that our own Arrse Maidens hold in such high regard have quite a high melting point - something to do with a friction coefficient I heard.

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