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Easter break advice?

I've randomly just decided that im going to spend a week(ish) of my Easter break travelling, meeting girls and gaining worldly experiance (im a very innocent 22 yearold).

However I have no idea where to go, what to do or how much it might be. Im not exactly loaded but hopefully my some of my bounty will help pay for it.

I want to keep it in the UK and would be setting out from Edinburgh.

I have the MOD 90 so AF discounts and Union Jack club and such things are going to feature in the itinerary. I dont drive so it would all be by train and bus. Im a bit sad for my age and love military museums so was thinking of arranging it around visiting some of them.

Your suggestions and comments please,
Depends what you want to do as a priority. Staying in Embra is a big yes as far as I'm concerned, you wouldn't have to travel far to get steaming, your leg over, in a fight or whatever. Newcastle's another option for the same things. If you are into culture, try Glasgow (seriously) or York!

Whatever (or whoever) you end up doing, enjoy it and have no regrets. Oh yes, leave your watch at home, watches ensalve you.
I live in edinburgh so have done, drunk and fought in most of it. One of the big things was escaping my life here and getting slightly out of my comfort zone.

Jarrod i'll keep that in mind thanks mate.

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