Given that the wife is an Eastenders fan I end up seeing it whether I like it nor not. Glad I did tonight though as instead of the usual thin plot line it was a semi-historical episode that explained the death of Nanna Moon's husband William. The script took us back to June 1944 and ended at his graveside in Normandy. Now I know its in the style of Saving Private Ryan but it was still very well done and I was pleased to see the writers actually take a serious issue and deal with in the appropriate manner. Bit confused as to why a soldier in the Essex Regt would have Tyne Tees Brigade insignia though.
Feck !!!! I missed it. Usually come onto here when its on as I can,t stand the usual crap it passes as entertainment. Gonna miss it on Sunday as well. Cos after the church & parade , I,m gonna be geting some of the boys who done it for real a beer in !! Might have to blow the dust off the new fangled "video" recorder !!!!

Regards LT.
actually i gotta say i thought it was very well scripted and directed. very poignant... well done easties (for a change)
I saw it today, very moving, for once a worthwhile Eastenders to watch.

And well doen for the closing credits, they managed not to ruin the whole thing by having that crap music finish it off.
I don't watch Eastenders, but after reading this thread I watch it today.

Absolutely fantastic, beautifully done thoroughly enjoyed it AND cried!!

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