Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by leeanne, Dec 28, 2002.

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  1. Has anybody been following Eastenders lately? Did you watch the episode on Christmas day? Was still crying my eyes out half an hour after it was finished :'( (Poor Jamie)....Don't know if it had to do with the couple of sherry's that I'd drank prior to it... ::)
    No...I was really touched with it , I know it's not real but things like that can and do happen. :(

    I've got right into it now....Who's for Laura's baby turning out black? ;D
  2. But more to the point, does anyone, and I mean ANYONE, with two brain cells to rub together, actually give a flying fcuk ;D
  3. Do you have to bring your crap sh1te onto every single forum? Do us a favour and keep your stupid opinions 2 yourself you f1cked up old man!

    Cheers... ;D
  4. ooohhhhhhh :eek:

    It's not real you know :p
  5. What about the cave scene in 'English Patient' where Ralph Fiennes gets back too late to save Kristin Scott Thomas...  Love that bit :)
  6. Stained Eligius

    Right on the money! I was properly choked at that bit , only heightened by the loss of the gorgeous Kristin Scott Thomas. What a top film that was.

    Whilst we're on the subject, does anyone know where that was filmed? The sweeping desert scenes etc?
  7. I think it was filmed in Morocco or Tunisia. This is a pleasant surprise, blokes being moved by an artistic piece of film........well, OK, I know its K S-T that's really moving you, but still..........have you seen her in 'My Life as a House'? Weird title, but brilliant film.

    Horse Whisperer is on on Thursday  (Ch 5)- must see it again.
  8. Can't believe there is a thread dedicated to Eastenders.

    ORG Im with you on this one mate, Its a pile of dribble all about brain dead shandy swilling southerners, bleating on about fruit & veg barrows & getting stuck up each others sisters.

    There is absolutely no totty and they have they acting ability of a gang of retarded sea otters. The tastiest bit of crumpet ever screened on the show was Tamsin Outhwaite and I'd rather whoop 'Wellard' than spend five minutes in her company, face like a bag of smashed crabs.

    All in all PANTS!

    I think the kindest thing they ever did to Jamie was to kill him off, he had the worst job in the world having to kiss melted welly head Sonia every day, then the poor git has to go home and chuck a mix up that burst hoover bag from Pop idol, Kim Marsh-beast

    Think ive finished
  9. MDN, I have no idea of the people you're talking about because I've never seen Eastenders, but I never knew you were such an expert............. ;) :-*
  10. Im forced to sit through it as my other half is an addict, I simply sit and mock, mimic and taunt the tele

    Persona, your a new chick on the block. Are you a moose a ginger or a fine piece of totty?
  11. Just to clarify

    Not Ginger
    Not a moose
    Not totty

    A lesbian then ;D
  12. Eligius, thanks for the link dude! I must watch that film again. :)

    Prodigal, no I haven't seen My Life as a House. Is the fair lady KST equally gorgeous in this movie? It wasn't her that moved me in the English Patient, just a profound sadness that he was too late and probably the gorgeous desert scenery.
  13. I take it the couple of drinks were to numb your senses and slower your reactions to ear abuse and the hideous smile of the skipmoose sonia
  14. Will need more than Nurofen to rid my mind of the nightmares i have thinking about her, is she not the ugliest boot on the box.

    PTP will have her in a flying suit on the AVN thread soon, ranting on about her being a stunner.

    I cant think of anyone uglier, not even Jimmy Nail or Timothy Spall. I think its fantastic that the BBC are equal opportunities employers however do they have to subject 20 million viewers to that four times a week.

    I put the tele in the kitchen and the wallpaper i have been promising to strip peeled itself and ran away.