EASTENDERS == Wendy Richards is quitting

This is really bad news as Wendy Richards packs in Eastenders battleaxe Pauline Fowler. Apart from influencing the evening enjoyment of many housewives and doris' nationwide this does leave a story to be written to ensure her demise from the series/soap.


So how will it be done?

Will Pauline Fowler succumb to a hitherto undiscovered TV disease, murdered by some one from the past whose clobber shrunk in the Launderette or be topped during a lesbian troilist orgy in the pump room of the Queen Vic?

Be really interested in ideas........................
Good, she's a miserable cow

And no, I don't watch Eastenders

Hopefully she'll die by being impaled on tony blair's head
She will suddenly rise from the table and wonder why she has lived in the most miserable, boring and pointless square on the face of the planet for the last 20 odd years. She will then pack a bag and go and join a lesbian only kibutz
Death by explosive diahhohhrarhhoea - that should up the ratings and may help explain the face like a smacked arrse weve come to know and love!
Great, can she take that stupid mutt with her. And that ridiculous dog! :lol:
Fcuk Eastenders! I,d rather read the SUN! :lol:
Personally, I think she's left it too damned late!

I prefer to remember her as Miss Brahms in 'Are You Being Served'. 8)

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