Eastenders "Stars" to take a pay cut

The budget slashing by cash-strapped BBC bosses has led to anger from some of the cast who will see their pay packets fall by 15%.

Major earners on the soap including Barbara Windsor and Steve McFadden - Peggy and Phil Mitchell - will lose about £54,000 a year from their £360,000 salaries. Pam St Clement, who plays Pat, earns £330,000 and will be stopped £49,500, while Adam Woodyatt (Ian Beale) will get £263,500 instead of £310,000.

So now they will be on the breadline.


Well they will compared to club foot waste of skin Chris Moyles

So, now we know what being a loud-mouth gets you: an absolutely massive pay packet. Self-styled saviour of Radio 1, Chris Moyles, earns a whopping £630,000, according to the Sun.


Makes me skip along to the post office to know my TV licence money is going to the needy

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