Eastenders - lesbian action too much?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Country_Bumpkin, Mar 15, 2006.

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  1. As you do when you're very bored, I caught the Eastenders omnibus on Sunday (14 March 2006) afternoon. To my absolute amazement I saw Sonia Fowler and her 'special friend' Naomi stick the lips on each other at least three times, with one lingering example.

    Is this appropriate television for a Sunday afternoon when little kiddies could be watching?
  2. But they're not like real lesbians, are they. One is supposed to be the giver, the other the taker. They both look like givers to me.
  3. Horrible,Horrible
  4. It dosn't get any better, poor Martin gets to catch (watch) Sonia and the other bird, narly "at it". Now if the BBC were worth there money, you would have thought that they might have looked at the ratings and worked out that its mainly women that watch enders, and to attract some blokes to watching it, we need good looking bean lickers, that are at it every second of the program. :)
  5. Dot cotton mmmmmmmmmmmmm, i would love to lick the jelly out of that paticular pork pie, yummy

    She is a strapa in real life you know? she hangs around with strapa's anyway.
  6. They should do a late night edition too. Like Hollyoaks - where everyone mysteriously develops the ability to swear.
  7. mmm lat night enders, wow, swearing sha**ing and bean licking, it might be worth watching then, well lets not stop there, what other programs need a "Hollyoaks / porn / late night" version? and Why? :)
  8. What about neighbours?

    That would be great, especially the old ones. Joe Mangel knocking bells out of his tart and swearing like a good'en.
  9. WHOA - this thread is so, so wrong on so many levels...
  10. ...and he didn't get a chance to join in, like they do in the films.
  11. What about the bill all those uniforms, hand cuffs and truncheons to use. Its a shame tosh I no longer in the show I would love to see that moustached face getting some rug munching in.
  13. Now, I'm not a prude and I don't object to a nice bit of lesbian action (as long as they let me join in). The question is, how on earth are you meant to get the horn with an absolute dog like Natalie Cassidy (who plays Sonia) getting frisky with another bird? Is this appropriate television for a Sunday afternoon when little kiddies could be watching? Why can't it be Pat Butcher and Dot Cotton swapping fluids instead? :wink:[/quote]

    I probably would be thinking of Kathy, Dido and Chantelle. God.......I'm getting hormonal now.....be back soon TTFN :lol:
  14. The looks of Natalie Cassidy have greatly improved over the years as she has developed, but I am sorry to say she still has that down syndrome look about her..... proper mongy features and jimmy hill chin..
  15. i believe had they used Honey and Dawn for the lezza scene ratings would have rocketed.

    sadly though, sonya and naomi are more like real-life lezzas (eg, fat, mingin, slightly unhinged with attitude), trust me, i only have to look out of my window on to the veh park....they just love their coveralls and all that axle oil!