EASTENDERS -Bilie Jackson joins The Army

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Outstanding, May 27, 2010.

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  1. How can EASTENDERS pretend to be connected to reality at all, when it takes asubject like joining up and messes it up so badly. OK the lad applies to join and then what do you know 3 weeks later he is off to begin his training. No ADSC no run, no mention of tests, trades or where he is going to actually do his Basic. at this rate he will be the first guy on the balcony before you can say knife.
  2. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Fuck off.
  3. Thanks Fugly you are a nice girl.
  4. Well that's the most boring thing I've read all day.

    Stop watching Eastenders.
  5. I believe the term is "creative licence"
  6. Yeah apparently he's being commissioned into the Duke of Lancaster's Regiment as they have sponsored him through Sandhurst, and where he is likely to receive the Sword of Honour as best cadet.
  7. I agree totally, how could they get it so wrong when the rest of the programme is so true to life.

    Are you fukcing retarded? Kindly take your head for a shite and stop posting bollox you useless kunt.
  8. A populist move? or one with a more insidious BBC leftie message. Plot development shows soldiers to be racist bullies, the current conflicts are all wrong look how the nasty machine chews up our fine young men then spits them out.....or standup eastender sees the army is not for him, goes awol grows his hair and becomes a peace protester...

    You don't think the BBC will show the forces in a realistic or positive light do you?
  9. The last member of the cast who joined up, Grant Mitchell, ended up in 22 SAS where he became a Sergeant commanding Red Troop.

    He then went on to produce documentaries about the Army in Afghanistan.

    Let's hope Bilie jackson can follow in his footsteps.
  10. Frankly, why watch Eastenders at all in the first place?

    I've no inclination to watch multiple make-believe people's depressing lives on the telly when I could lead my own, hopefully far less depressing life myself. That programme and all it's ilk are utter toss.
  11. That's too close to the truth to be funny.
  12. The wife watches this and I admit I have occasionally watched the odd episode with her. :oops:
    And to be fair to the BBC, there has been a Help4Heroes poster in a prominant position up the cafe since before Christmas. They also have a collection tin for H4H's on the counter, and shock horror, they actually show people putting money in it. There has also been quite positive comments in regards to Billie joining up in the episodes I've seen from other characters.
    As I said, I've only seen it occasionally so I don't know if they've had negative views put across equally.
  13. I hope he is a better actor. Mitchell was a good tree in Red troop, but he did a good job in the docu`s
  14. NOOOOOOO how can you slag off henno and the members of red troop more entertaning and better acted than the hurt locker :evil:

    though tbf my sons whose 7 assemblys is more entertaining than the hurt locked and more more belivable :evil: