Eastenders and Parenting

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Outcast, May 9, 2008.

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  1. Not being a real follower of the soaps, I found myself at a loose end last night and ended up watching the last 10 minutes of Eastenders with Mrs Outcast having to explain what was going on. After seing Ian Beale getting the run around from his two kids (14 year old runaway girl and 17 year old raving homo), I had to despair if that is what modern parenting is coming to.
    I said to Mrs Outcast, had that been me, there would have been no chance of being tricked and running away as they would both been getting frog marched to the car by the ear getting threatened of what was likely to happen to them when they got home. This made Mrs Outcast laugh, she said " I'm glad I can trust you to get the job done if we ever get into that situation". Ok my kids sometimes call me victorian dad but I never need to smack them, just be firm, fair and consistent. Lol, I consistently say no you cant.
    Is there really people out there who would stand for that sort of nonsense from a 14 year old kid?
  2. I don't know, I get all my parenting tips from 'The Simpsons'
  3. There are people out there who don't take any nonsense from their kids, because they don't pay them any attention at all.
  4. Eurotunnel to France? Those Beale kids would have been dragged off the platform and bundled into the boot of my car and on their way to the cupboard under the stairs!
    Nothing wrong with being a Victorian dad, dont forget to wire the bed up to the mains, theyll only ever wet the bed once!
  5. I din't realise you are Austrian FF :D
  6. Very commendable Mr Outcast ... but if we are going to "frog march" our offspring anywhere please lets have it done correctly. Ears are not part of the process:

    FROG-MARCH verb [shift and alteration of “frog’s march” (not recorded in U.S.), as in 1871, 1873 quotations] Especially ‘police.’ to carry (a resisting person) face downward by the arms and legs; (hence now solely) to propel (a resisting person) forward, as by seizing his collar and the seat of his trousers or by pinioning his arms behind his back. [1871 in OED: “They did not give the defendant the frog’s march.”] 1873 ‘Slang Dictionary’ by Hotten: “Frog’s March,” the manner in which four or more policemen carry a drunken or turbulent man to the station-house. The victim is held face downwards, one constable being at each shoulder, while the others hold on above the knees. Often...another...officer... beats time...on the recalcitrant hero’s posteriors.] 1969 in OEDS: “He. . . took me by the collar and the seat of my pants and frogmarched me the length of the café.” 1992 Newsday (CNN-TV) (Dec. 9): “Tightly bound and frogmarched away.”
  7. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    I loved the line last night when Bianca was getting ready to go job hunting.

    Son "You look nice mum, are you going to court"
  8. Or rather "What do you call a scouser in a suit?"

    "The defendant"!
  9. Or what do call a scouser in a white shell suit?

    The Bride!
  10. Bellenders - Well Phil Mitchell is the hard man of the square and look how his son turned out! Damian from the omen can hardly see or hear and is a psycho. Now seems set to become another Billy Elliot.