East Timor

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, Feb 11, 2008.

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  1. My, my what a very educated post.

    The developments in Timor may well have an effect on the ADF that will knock on to many about to Lat Tfr.
    The death of the lead trouble maker and injury of the President will have serious repercussions. Already (today) the ADF has sent an additional company to assist the BG there; the Police have also sent additional representation, more than likely their tat covered door kickers.
    Timor was on the verge of being thinned out; the coppers and the Kiwis had made plans and one would think the ADF (despite hollow pre-election promises) may too have been thinking along the same lines.
    These new developments will definitely see an extension and escalation of ADF presence in Timor.
    Happy days!
  2. Well actually, It was an Australian inspired coup I was thinking of.
  3. Oh, because of the oil. What a novel idea.
  4. I don't remember oil being part of the reason that the Oz led coalition went into to ET in 1999.

    Rather historical 'need' and stability and the 'Arc of Crisis'.

    I was there - but what do I know?
  5. As Ozduke will inform you Australia and East Timor have been in 'Dispute' over offshore oil rights. The oil having been discovered post 99.
    The Oil is considered to be East Timor's potential 'Saviour' , East Timor been one of the worlds poorer nations as you will understand, you having been there.
  6. Yup, and having 'been there' as opposed to watching from a distance ,I would still say that oil had nothing to do with the Australia's involvement - 'oil having been discovered post 99' as you would say.

    Yes, it's a poor country, made poorer by the Indonesians and by decades of being ignored by the West. By your logic, I suppose the Aussies should ignore it?
  7. Er what Logic ?
    As you say you where there 8 -9 years ago and evidently failed to keep up with events.
  8. Don't tell the yanks about the natural gas and oil or they will invite themselves to "help out" poor Timor Leste. :p I think it's great how Australia is helping out the world's newest country by removing all that nasty natural gas and storing it in Oz. 8)
  9. Australia or the Good Old US of A, who knows ?
    Long before I found arrse I said the Iraq war was about Oil.
    Then I changed my mind and tried to find other more sensible reasons.
    Now I am back with oil.
  10. Australia signed the Timor Gap treaty with INDONESIA in 1989. Exploitation of the ‘Greater Sunrise’ field was agreed to be 50-50 in one place, 90-10 to the Indons in another and 90-10 in favour of Oz in another.

    This was renegotiated with Timor Leste when they won their independence. Australia would have been better off under the original treaty with Indonesia.

    There was no war for oil, conveniently discovered post Interfet.

    Timor’s oil revenue goes into a trust to ensure the money will provide into the future.

    There would be TNI Officers laughing their guts out right now.
  11. Chippy mick is right, the previous contract was better. However the revenue isn't so bad now either.

    Again as someone who toured the location around the time of handover to the UN from INTERFET I can remember the driving factor in Australia leading the INTERFET mission was the requirement to deal with the nasty TNI sponsored militias who were raping and pillaging. It answered the international 'something has to be done!' call.

    There was also a semblance of national guilt as we gave the Indons the tacit go ahead to invade the newly independant nation initially.
  12. You're right - there's clearly no logic to any of your posts. Reading the rest of this thread it doesn't seem that there are too many people supporting your tin foil hat theory.
  13. Oh my my, didums.
    Naught boy having unconventional thoughts, Why oh why can't I be a brainwashed little scroat then every one would luv me.
    Look and maybe ya'll learn. Stop living with ideas fixed years ago.
  14. Ozzie backed coup my arrse :)

    They could slot that entire place in 2 weeks if they felt like it :D