East Riding Constabulary Memorial, Beverley

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Cuddles, Apr 15, 2011.

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  1. You may be familiar with this memorial plaque if you know Beverley. It gives the name of 20 East Riding Constabulary coppers who fell in the Great War. 11 of them served with the Seaforth Highlanders and my preliminary research indicates they probably joined en masse in the 8th (Service) Battalion. Now if you know your Seaforths I apologise but the 8th Bn was raised at Fort George in 1914 and was a K2 battalion. It served in the 'shot and then over at Petersfield before going out to the BEF.

    What I really want to know is why did a bunch of coppers join a Kitchener battalion of the Seaforths, miles from home turf (East Riding - the land man forgets whenever possible). It was an unlucky choice if all they fancied was the uniform...8th Seaforths was one of the lead battalions in the battle of Loos and suffered 502 casualties. Which suggests that if there were any other East Riding cops who survived the war in this cohort, then I want their lottery numbers!

    Perhaps one of them was a reservist in the Seaforths but then he would have most likely gone to a TA or regular bn. A family member in the battalion calling them up is a possible but none of the names is "aggressively" Scottish - bar perhaps Stephenson and Nicholson? It is of course this type of loss which led to policemen being refused permission to enlist later on. I don't know what the strength of the ERC was in 1914 but 20 is a high number for a small local force.

    All interesting stuff and my thanks to the gentleman who asked my opinion and piqued my interest. However the reason I share this interesting conundrum is this. Does anybody have any further information, from a Seaforth or a police perspective on this roll of honour - with it's singular distribution of casualties in an "alien" regiment. I mean you expect the Glasgow Tramways or the Ross constabulary to feature in the Seaforths died in the Great War list...but not a Yorkshire force. The other casualties on the list are for more sensible local picks - E Yorks, Gren Guards and even an RAMC corporal...
  2. Probably because they didn't want to serve alongside people who may have held a grudge for nicking them.

    BTW, you do know that typing out Aldershot takes one less key-stoke than the 'shot?
  3. No I didn't. Yet it bothers me not at all, I am endebted to you.

    I like your suggestion but it is a bit of a long way to go to escape any possible ramifications. Moreover the K1 and K2 recruiters were not exactly compelled to accept the criminal classes! They were heavily oversubscribed with upright citizens and the like.

    I am tending to think that possibly one of them was an ex-regular who by dint of having done his twelve, was free to re-enlist in a Service Bn rather than being shoehorned back into 1st/2nd Bn of the regular formation?
  4. Actually it doesn't. They both take nine! Go on do one you pesky clot! :biggrin:
  5. Enjoying the research?
    The tea shop outside Beveley's Minster does a particularly splendid Chocolate cake.
    Such a rewarding town to visit!
  6. Yes, I back scuttled a nurse from Beverley on R&R after my second Bosnia tour...most rewarding the dirty scutter.