East Middlands crawl - 27th may 2006 RumratioN & ARRSE!!!!!!

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by Rincewind, Dec 5, 2005.

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  1. ok, new thread dedicated to the crawl itself...

    to recap

    Plenty of decent hotels, or you can bash down in the barracks (need sleeping bag and roll mat/camp bed/WRAC to lay on)

    hotels of choice are

    ibis - national chain website for booking info - right in the middle of town
    portland - a witherspoons pub/hotel - right in middle of town too - closer to the brampton mile
    chesterfield hotel - smack bang opposite the train station, and a 5 min walk to the town centre
    travel lodge - 5 min drive from town center

    loads of B&Bs too.

    now that the london crawl is done and dusted lets keep this post up shall we?

  2. Rincewind,

    Whereabouts is the barracks so I can have a look on Multimap and avoid getting lost? That's if I can't afford a hotel :)
  3. Yeyyyyy The Midlands Crawl......... I hope to have recovered from London by then, please no charity auctions!! :wink: :lol:

    How many sleeps?? :lol:
  4. just what was the going rate?!! :wink:
  5. 20 shiny pee ( a lot of them ) :lol:
    Wallis Barracks, Boythorpe Road, Chesterfield S40 2HN
    Registered Charity in England and Wales: 520432

  7. Thanks Rincewind,

    Who else is staying at the barracks then? I don't want to be the only one. Any maidens staying there?
  8. dunno yet, i am. (am cooking breakfast in the morning).
  9. You mean people will be awake in the morning? :lol:
  10. If its OK to stay there then I will
  11. You can share my sleeping bag blue, as long as MD doesn't find out :wink:
  12. yes of course Baby Blue, the more the merrier...

    £20 for the tour shirt etc....
    £5 for a floor space, hot shower (with another arrse member completely optional), and cooked breakfast
  13. Who is the money payable to? When do you want it?
  14. chqs and POs to Chesterfield Sea Cadets

    paypall i can do, or post cash to the address on the forum with a covering letter.

    will need money in by end of march i should think.

    forgot ! include Polo shirt size and nickname

  15. Are the polo shirt sizes generous? will I get away with a Large or will I need the XL? :lol:
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