Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by granite20, Jun 15, 2007.

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    Are you living in East London and want a new challenge?! Join the TA this week! We parade on Tuesdays form 1900 onwards. The bar is open form 9:15pm and we are looking to take on new fit guys who want to do something different!

    Look at our page for some more details:


    If you come this tuesday and quote 'Arrse' in your interview - a couple of [/b]FREE BEERS[/b] will come your way!
  2. OK, make my appointment for 21:14. But I warn you now, I don't intend to change units.

    Hang on - isn't "Free Beers" cockney rhyming slang for "three queers"?

    Hence why you're looking for "new fit guys who want to do something different"
  3. oh dear .... It may look like that but i assure you G coy is not like that! Come down to find out for yourself!!
  4. Does that include members of 1 plt as well
  5. So you don't have a socially-inclusive policy, then?

    Applications are especially welcomed from disabled, sight-impaired, hard-of-hearing, sexually-disoriented or innuit persons as we are currently under-represented in these areas.
  6. diversity?
  7. HOLLOS - 1plt are always welcome!!- Think it may be a fair distance to travel though?!
  8. So hows the RFN that got shot 9 times or so the daily mirror reckons hope u read the story i had a good laugh at it bet u didn't go to the medals parade
  9. do they still hold the "East End Army Day" at the Cedars?
  10. isn't G Coy the place where the author of Winter Warriors served?
  11. yes, according to the book he did, back in the days when it was A Company 4RGJ.
  12. I remeber seeing a Scout helicopter flying low across Hackney Marshes one Saturday back in the 90's. It had four armed and camoufaged men perched on the sides. It got me wondering WTF was going on in East London until I saw the posters for the "East End Army Day" on a nearby lampost. Bloody STABs had me thinking an anti terrorist op was on!