East London residents march over missiles

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by cavemandave, Jun 30, 2012.

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  1. East London residents opposed to plans to site surface-to-air missiles on roofs for security during the Olympics, are marching through Bow.

    Six sites have been picked for surface-to-air missiles, some in residential spots, including Bow and Leytonstone.

    Campaigners say 1,000 people have signed a petition in protest.

    The Ministry of Defence has said the safety of the Games is paramount and a "broad range of community engagement" has taken place.

    Air threat
    The sites, chosen from an original list of 100, include the Lexington Building in Tower Hamlets and the Fred Wigg Tower in Waltham Forest, east London.

    The four other London sites identified as suitable for Rapier missiles are Blackheath Common; Oxleas Wood, Eltham; William Girling Reservoir, Enfield and Barn Hill in Epping Forest.

    The proposals have yet to be confirmed.

    Campaigner Chris Nineham said: "We don't believe they will add anything to security. If they are going to be used they will explode over some of the most densely populated areas in London."

    He added: "I simply don't believe that since 9/11 a security system hasn't been put in place to protect Canary Wharf and east London.

    "If fighter jets are sent from another country I hope they will be taken out before they get to London."

    BBC News - London 2012: East London residents march over missiles
  2. Chris Nineham is not your average concerned local resident.

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  3. Won't the missiles get damaged? All those gorblimey's tramping over them in their 'obnail boots an' all?
    Boring twats, I'd love it if there was a missile battery on my roof, better than a shagging Sky dish.
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  4. Can't we just kill them?
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  5. Now he's an expert on cloud punching too!

    Ignore him. 1,000's hardly a majority in this democracy anyway.

    Chris will find another thing to get vexed about sooner or later.

    Maybe he could go to Tahrir Square to make a documentary on womens rights. Worked for another Brit recently to get your media profile up.
  6. In other words he's just a dull cnut :)
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  7. Or Damascus or chop chop square in Riyhad
  8. Does the spastic realise that (a) the main airborne threat to the Olympics isn't Luftflotte III and (b) the majority of people in this country couldn't give a shit if an airliner does drop onto a tower block full of Cockneys and immigrants?
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  9. Oh dear, never mind. These people will also be the first to whinge if their house gets leveled by bits of 747.
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  10. Mans just an oxygen thief, long and short of it!
  11. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    In fairness, if Rapier or HVM do the "flashy wooshy bangy crashy" thing, then bits of aircraft will be redesigning much of East London anyway. Which would be no bad thing.
  12. Wont anyone think of the children ?
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  13. It would be a firework display to remember though. If we could have the Household Division band on stand-by to give musical accompaniment, it could be awesome. Timing could be tricky but.... worth doing a few practice runs over Liverpool, Coventry, Glasgow
  14. If his million hippies didn't stop Iraq Mk.2 what the **** is a thousand going to do?

    Lock him up, now until the games are finished. Then charge him for food & accommodation on his release.
  15. Target is that...