East Germany in racist Neo-Nazi shocker - Tell us it isn't true Bugsy

I'd forgotten about this..........

Remember the socialist paradise that was the land of workers and builders that Bugsy fondly remembers and misses so much? Turns out it was not so much a land of worker's solidarity with the 2nd and 3rd world, just another hypocritical dictatorship

Shocking! Nothing like that would ever happen in a Western democracy.
...........here we are standing in the bar
and I'm giving Bugsy shit about the DDR*

*with apologies to Trooper Bragg, W Queen's Royal Irish Hussars
Shocking! Nothing like that would ever happen in a Western democracy.
Yep, but the west didn't lie about it, watch the film, then defend the DDR if you must

It's a 42 min film, you posted 10 mins after I opened the thread - I'm guessing you haven't watched it.....


well its good job trip adviser wasn't around back or the B&B's / Gulags would have had shocking reviews
Gruel???? Call this gruel....terrible. And those cockroaches, for God's sake, they're tiny...you could put a saddle on the ones in Auschwitz and ride them round the execution yard. Very clean that yard too, hosed down after every shooting...
WFT where chaps from Mozambique doing in East Germany ?

They also recruited lots of migrant labour from Vietnam. I recall observing both groups and some I took to be from NE Africa by their appearance.

It's a complicated old world.
WFT where chaps from Mozambique doing in East Germany ?
Often it was for educational reasons. Same as the Motherland. Bring people in educate and indoctrinated. Teachers, Engineers and Doctors who in theory were meant to return to whichever part of the third world they came from to spread the doctrine at home. Cuba had a lot of doctors educated in Russia.
WFT where chaps from Mozambique doing in East Germany ?
East Berlin was a backdoor route into the West for years. It was comparatively easy for people from 'friendly' countries to fly to the East. From there, if they bimbled through Checkpoint Charlie it was considered no loss to the GDR, and the West was always ready to accept any refugees from the East.


On the serious side....I usually stay out of bunfights and ignore what might slightly rankle me, but this thing with Buggsie....has he actually experienced socialism? I was in Budapest in 1987. I was married to a Slovak and have 2 kids in SK. I have more knowledge about communism in Central Europe ( also lived in Czech and Poland...and former Yugoslavia as it was going tits up) in my big toe than he does in the entirity of what he might believe to be his brain. Let the man alone...he's a fantasist.
where they get drug dealer from ?
The KGB were shipping in enough through Schönefeld Airport to keep them in unaccountable cash......

And yes, Bugsy spent a few months there in the 1970s, which naturally makes him a SME (and Shield & Defender of the party obviously)

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