East Devon District Council restricts poppy sales

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dante242, Oct 26, 2008.

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  1. Just gone into Honiton (Devon) Royal British Legion to volunteer to sell Poppy's from tomorrow (Monday 27/10/08) to be told that the local council have only allowed the sale on the high street two days before the 9th (Friday/Saturday), I have e-mailed Angela Browning the local MP and the councilors and the outrage bus is first paraded.......any assistance gratefully received as to what to do.

    towncouncil @ honiton.gov.uk

    Honiton is an old garrison town with a number of old airbases near including the one which the 101st Airborne took of from in June 1944,


  2. God only knows, have sent emails to the council, MP and Western Morning and intend to call the council tomorrow......been told it was the same last year, my guess is that they treat all charity street collections the same...
  3. Not going to sell many poppies then are they ? wonder who or what sits on that council then eh?

    Gone public now though hasn't it..... oh dear, dear dear me
  4. Council Members

    email sent
  5. Isn't that pretty much the norm?
  6. Honiton - Used to be rearly good with support to HM Forces / Cadets and things like selling Poppy's. In 2000 I was living their, and at the time was helping to run the local ACF unit.

    We had things running like a Mayor's Cadet, and that worked very well, for both the Town and the Cadets.

    I would suggest, a visit along the high street, asking in each shop what their feelings were, then armed with the facts, a visit to the Council, along with the RBL, followed by as many letters as possible to all the local papers.

    With regards to Angela Browning, I have always found her to be very good at supporting all things military, and she will do all she can to help.

    I am over in Tiverton, but will fire off an email to Angela, and see if I can help at all from this end.

  7. Birmingham launched last week, Royal Marine Commando Guests of Honour, and the intention is to go for the best Poppy sales yet.

    What exactly, are Honiton's restrictions?
  8. Will find out tomorrow and report back
  9. Gentle enquiring email sent - will save the angry one until we know more facts :roll:
  10. Dear Warrior-Webbing.....

    I appreciate you letting me know and I have already responded to 2 of your colleagues. Sales on the streets are a decision by East Devon and not Honiton.

    Lyn Hargood

    Well in that case.....

    East devon Council Contact Details:-

  11. Check your dates mate... In my calendar, the 9th is Sunday and the 10th is Monday (9th being Remembrance Sunday...) 8)
  12. Update...its East Devon District Council, who have confirmed that they only allow 2 days...however if they receive a further application they will consider it...will contact the RBL and get it sorted.......

    Contact and number removed to avoid Outrage ND's while Dante sorts out RBL/EDDC...

  13. Well one wonders who in EDDC made this inane decision. Is this just the usual blind moronic application of 'regulations' without any consideration as to whether such regulations are relevant or appropriate? At what level and pay-grade was this 'decision-maker'?
  14. It would not suprise me if they have some 19/20 year old university dropout just rubber stamping yes or no on the paperwork, not having a clue about what on earth the RBL even is.