Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by grey_man_2, Aug 23, 2012.

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  1. Hi folks,

    Anybody got a template EASP/a guide to writing them? I've got by OK just tampering with old ones I've come across, but I want to make sure I'm doing it right.

    Cheers, GM2
  2. Hang on, you mean to say there's a way of doing EASPs/RASPs without bastardising an old one?
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  3. Quick, someone tell Combat Publications that they've missed an important annex out of the new Pam 21.
    ......Oh hang on a minute.....
  4. EAM now mate, read PAM 21. Amendment 3
  5. OK, cheers guys. TA, so don't know the pams inside-out. I'll have a peek next week!
  6. EAM is a hundred times easier. I recently had a breach explosion on one of my range days and my RAM held up to the scrutiny of the investigation. Takes about 5 mins to write too.
  7. No excuse... Your PSIs should be all over it. Wink
  8. Luckily for me the cheeky chappy from the SASC who ran my course mentioned Pam 21 to me in passing one day.
    Annex B to Chapter 3 is a good start.
  9. Hmm, interesting that the paperchase seems to have been shortened. Before I go into the pam next week, can anybody enlighten the readership as to what's been changed in the Memoire compared with the ASP?
  10. EAMs are for small exercises oly. Big ex = EASP.
  11. EAM anything under 48hrs I believe, should cover most TA exercises.
  12. The RAM is a damn sight more sensible as well. Common sense, backed by proffesional knowledge? Novel.
  13. Being TA is no excuse

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