Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by dogguk, Oct 25, 2008.

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  1. I have been tasked with writing a easp for a dry exercise, left pam21 at work, does anyone have one with a covering letter, as it's been sometime since i have written one.
    Many Thanks

  2. Check your PM.
  3. And check you haven't been de-qualified by the introduction of SA(M)07!
  4. And google PERSEC, Mr. J Flint :lol:
  5. Not sure what you mean ?PERSEC
  6. I am on the understanding entitled to grandfather rights but will check thanks for the reminder.
  7. PERSEC= Personal Security

    i.e. not giving out information in the public domain which could identify you. You don't hear me telling you that my name's Hamilton and I like fast cars, do you?

    ARRSE rules forbid use of real names. Set up a dogguk@hotmail.co.uk email account instead.
    Get a life, how do you know that the email address he provided is not one that he created with PERSEC in mind!
  9. Unless you are SAA qualed I very much doubt it.

    Standing by to be proved wrong..............
  10. has like kost new things the army brings grnafather rights do apply for all safety quals prior to the new courses being run. There are rumours that by a certain date not yet known, all those using grandfather rights will have to do a familiarisation course.
  11. There are NO grandfather rights, your either qualed or not
  12. have emailed you