pucka genners i did on my laptop but it crashed after my RMSAA sorry! they're mutha ferkin bitches to write!


Deathfromabove said:
Has anyone got any Easps for FIRE and MANOEUVRE for a battle lesson that are up to date would be really gratefull if you have. :)
Don't be lazy, spend less time typing on here and get to work on your EASP! The advantage of writing your own one from scratch is you know the information is correct, current and it covers all details pertaining to your activity, because you have written it!

If you plagiarise/bastardise someone else’s work, guaranteed you will get something wrong. God forbid, if you have some kind of incident on your activity and your EASP is wrong. It is the first thing the Range Police will look at!

Take your time, write it in accordance with current doctrine then sit back safe in the knowledge that your EASP is correct, and more importantly, it is your own work.

Here endeth the lesson!

PAM 21, can't go wrong from there.
PM me some details(who you are) and i'll see what I can do.
Check PM's.
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