EA's New Medal of Honour Game Outrage

Medal of Honour Game - What do you think?

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I voted against the outrage bus, because I'll be playing it and I'm big enough and ugly enough to realise that its only a game.

I can't see why a computer game can tarnish the names of the fallen in Afghanistan or the injured, there Heroes nothing can change that.
Being talked about on PPRUNE as well. and as has been pointed out on there, there's plenty of other games out there that let the gamer play "the enemy" just the timing that's a bits cack.
I don't see what the problem is.

Single player with a campaign based around US Special Forces killing Taliban.

Multiplayer which is basically your average FPS frag fest. You can go the Taliban or the Americans. So ******* what.

There plenty of World War 2 veterens left alive, and yet there has never been uproar over Medal of Honour or COD games allowing you to play as Fritz.
Cowboys and Indians anyone? Gotta have at least one indian. The fat speccy ginger kid with the stick instead of a cap gun used to work as our indian most days. Is this any different?
Cowboys and Indians anyone? Gotta have at least one indian. The fat speccy ginger kid with the stick instead of a cap gun used to work as our indian most days. Is this any different?
That was EA's response the other day. Were you have a goody you always have a bady and in this case Terry is the baddy.
I am so bad at computer games that if I played it as an Allied soldier, I would do our reputation so much harm there should be erm outrage. It's only a game.


The only people that will be complaining about this will be the sort of people who read the Daily Mail, there's also a good chance that most of them not owning a system to play the game on
What's a strom?


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I don't think it's a problem and will let the citizens of Bradford and Birmingham achieve their aims with out the long journey and the risks involved to them and their dole money
surely the main point being missed here is that the game is focused on American special forces and as far as i can see has nothing to do with British troops and as mentioned before in multiplayer someone has to play the enemy!

i think the real question is whether it will be better than cod: blackops coming out anyway... (also for those gamers who want a British addon, ARMA2 is bringing out a new addon pack competely dedicated to British troops and equipment, looks good!)
I don't even think you can play as the Brits in MOH multiplayer, I think they've seen the Helmand map and instantly thought, wee Bastards are gonna shoot the Brits with towels on there heads and lets just ban the game.


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Well apparently Liam Fox has jumped on the outrage bus so this game being banned could be a possibility.
Nice to see a minister getting on the bus with the lads
MP's and their advisors normally get the outraged Chinook
The Airport mission in COD:MW2, anyone? We went through all this not 12 months ago. Christ, I know for a fact that our forces and the septics play Armed Assault derivitives as Taliban, learning how to plant IEDs in order to understand the mindset and conditions required for a successful ambush. Boo fucking hoo.
Alas, Fox is just giving yet another diatribe from someone on the other side of the generation gap whose gaming experience doesn't extend further than Solitaire. I would have hoped that Doctor Fox would be a little more discerning rather than leaping off at half-cock with incomplete and inaccurate information... but that's obviously too much to expect seeing as authority is obstinately determined to rag on videogames in the same way that our parents got in a tizzy over rock music, and their parents tore their hair out over television. We haven't collapsed into satanic imbecility yet (over a decade of Labour government notwithstanding... ;) ).

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