Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by still21inmymind, Sep 20, 2007.

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  1. True to form, the Police would rather argue and moan to the Transport police, trying to slope their shoulders of all responsibility than actually get off their fat, doughnut-enhanced backsides and grip the scummy little Chav F*cker! :x :x
  2. How mad is this, "its not my job its your job" What if This little sh*t had killed the crane driver, I bet both forces would want to have claimed it then.
    Ass kicking time , I think.

  3. Quote: A spokesman for GMP said: "Based on the information we had at the time, a careful assessment was made by a senior, experienced officer as to whether an armed response vehicle should be deployed. "As there was little information and no immediate threat to life it was decided that an armed response vehicle was not necessary.

    My bold. So some little chav waving an assault rifle around is no immediate threat? What were they intending to wait for - bullets to start hosing around? :?
  4. When it comes to drawing chalk outlines around corpses, mopping up blood and comforting grieving relatives, you will find none finer than GMP. Just don't expect them to turn up before or during a crime.
  5. Presumably the definition of "immediate threat" is bullets en route to target. Jesus wept, thank f*ck I don't live in that force area.
  6. i do live in that force area, in fact i use that very station quite frequently, and also so do kids who go to the 3 schools that are within walking distance of that station!!

    i'm sure the plod would have had to do some serious back tracking if those 2 scrotes had decided on some sort of columbine-esque shooting spree at the primary school round the corner!!

    or even better if they'd clocked some rivals from their sh1tty estate and decided to open up on the station!!!

    and as a slight concern, my ACF det is 200m from there, am i right to be worried that some cnut might start taking pot-shots at my cadets???
  7. now thinking i should ensure that all my new cadets are fully up to date on recation to effective enemy fire

    edited for mong typing
  8. With the way things are prioritised these days, wait until the chav scum fills your parade square with funny coloured plastic BBs, then report him for littering. Said chav will be in front of the magistrates before you can say 'fixed penalty'....
  9. Under the withering fire of a chav walting as an airsoft walt, I'd expect any self respecting cadet to know what to do :wink:
  10. well yeah they'll know to give said chav the good news, however don't take it to lightly that this isn't the real thing, they are available in the area, (although it probably isn't his, it's probably his dealers or something and he was just showboating to his mate!)
  11. Wow. Thinking if it was the US there would have been swat teams and dozens of patrol cars and EMTs at the report of a kid with an AK.

    Of course only took a couple dozen dead school kids to get that kind of response...
  12. Sad but true. One of the few verities we ought to be able to rely on is that any mong daft enough to wave a weapon around in public will be swiftly shot dead. This, however, is no apparently longer the case.
  13. expert from sky news website says - "While a gun of any nature should never be pointed at anyone - unless the deliberate intention is to lawfully kill - this one was not necessarily capable of lethal force.

    "But that counts for nothing when a police armed response team is sent out. That's what many teenagers with deactivated or fake guns fail to realise.

    "Armed police have a job to do - and if necessary, they'll do it"

    maybe if the plod actually turned up once in a while, maybe the chav scum would learn, a few dead 'uns might make them think twice!!!!
  14. Since 9/11 Greater Manchester would have been shut down if it were in the USA. If he had survived the arrival of the police he would still be in jail and being charged with everything from terrorism downwards...

    Yep, the Yanks do some things right... :D