Earthquake next to Irans Nuclear Plant?!

Reuters reports that there is little modern earthquake education in Iran.

"Most people think that what God wills will happen. This is absolutely wrong. This thinking is poisonous," Tehran University professor Bahram Akasheh told the news agency.

Oh dear. And looking at the picture of the reactor... one good sized shake will flatten it. The buggers are saying they're going to build ten of them too.

Chernobyl Mk II waiting to happen.
On no....!!!! :)

The pressure of the fluid injected into the well is thought to have made it easier for rock to slip along the fault lines. Electrically heating the water might have a similar effect. Other theories focus on the rocks themselves. Many minerals are piezoelectric, which means that when they are put under pressure, as in a fault zone, they can produce an electric potential.

It also means that when electricity is applied they vibrate slightly. An electric pulse could set a large mass of rock vibrating, enough perhaps to start slippage and trigger an earthquake. A lthough the underlying physical principles may not be understood, the implications are literally earth-shattering. We now have a relatively simple and easy means of inducing earthquakes.

Shhhh :lol:

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