Earthquake in Wigin

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by jonwilly, Nov 23, 2006.

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  1. It's WIGAN Jon.
    Home of the pie shop. every street used to have at least one pie shop on the corner.......mmmm, pies.
  2. most of them still do :D

    the wigan working lunch, a meat and potato pie and 2 pints of tetleys.
  3. Er NO Wrong Gents, answer incorrect, Wuz, Wigin when I was but a kid, is Wigin Now and always will be unless ya a Sufferner or well edumacated.
    Also correct it's Meat and Prata pies not the PC, Potato and Miniscule Meat Pies beloved of the EU.
    And yes john knows why Wigineers are called Piemen, now't do with decent good honest working men's grub.
  4. mmm.. pie..
  5. Drivel.
  6. Eh up, dip ya bread lad.
    I worked in Wigan for a while and I was just getting the hang of their language...........what the fcuk does, " Eee, its all cummin from t'gether" actaually mean?
  7. I can tell you being a well educated southern poofter!

    It means '' pass the the gravy my chips are getting cold and whippet needs walking''

    or something like that!

    but then again maybe not
  8. Eh a Wippet walking for the use of and a ferret down ya kecks.
    Even !
  9. 'Southern'?????
    You insulting sweaty sock cnut!!!

    I live close.....too close to Wigan so I know only too well how the pie eaters fit to type....."Ist tha cummin arrt t play?"

    They are alright but currently being forced to accept our valued 'immigrunts' after 500 years.
    They were divested of government grants for the last 10-15 years because they had the lowest % ethnic population in the UK so now they are the dumping ground for every African wanting in to the UK.
    Sad really...from not seeing an ethnic 'chap' 10 years ago, to black gang wars now makes your mind up really.
  10. I may live in Scotland but i aint a sweaty!

    Born south of the gap and grew up in Peterborough!!

    Live in Scotland as thats where i finished in the army and lost me passport for getting back into the motherland
  11. So is this an issue, a shop, a job, a complaint or an idea?
  12. None of the above. It's a pie-fest :D
  13. It's Europeans that have been fostered on my home town.
    Not safe on the street cum dark, so I do understand why the nightfighters annoy you Biff.
    Oh for a real meat and prata pie.
  14. speaking of which, i'm off to the shop for my brunch, want me to post you a galloways?? :p